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  1. Hi! Thanks for the advice, i've called the local office and asked for a in person interview, they said that they would call me back and ask when would be a good time but its been over two weeks and heard nothing from them 😔
  2. Hello, I sent out my EAD and AP Renewal Application just about a week or two before receiving my Green Card (I sent out the renewal because the AOS was in pending, and taking more time than what the interviewer told us it would so just to be safe I sent in a renewal). Now that I have the Green Card should I call the USCIS about canceling the renewal, I received mail about the application being in process that I might need to show up for biometrics. Any advice? Should I call? Should I not show to the biometrics? or will the uscis know that i've received the greencard and cancel the process?
  3. Nope there were no issues, no RFE we just didnt get any updates whatsoever which was nervewrecking since most people get theirs the next day or within a week. But it did eventually updated and it all went good! I hope yours does too
  4. Hi, I received my green card two days ago (from K1>AOS) and i'd like to file for a name change for my ssn, due to covid the offices are closed and i'm filing up this SS-5 form and mailing it to the local office. I'd like to double check on these questions that im unsure of thanks Question 5: Citizenship ( U.S Citizen, Legal Alien allowed to work or Other?) Would a photocopy of my Greencard front and back be sufficient or do I need to send the full NOA,i-94, Passport and EADs
  5. My case is finally approved and they mailed it on May 3rd !! Ahh im so relieved since its been months of nothing. I wish the best luck to you guys that are still patiently waiting! ☺️
  6. Our interview was on the 22nd Feb, it went seemingly well and I asked if i was approved at the end he jokingly said "you'll know it when you get it. But I dont see any reason for denial or any missing document" it wasn't a definite yes im still hoping lol case is still Interview was scheduled. Hoping to hear some news soon and hope you guys are all doing well and good luck everyone on the upcoming interviews I was over prepared and they didn't even ask for a quarter of what i brought with me.
  7. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I feel so relieved 😭😭! I just dont see any notes writen down for the waiver from the civil surgeon and i was panicking
  8. In the influenza column she wrote: Opt for next flu vaccine 2019/2020 Vaccination Documentation: K Visa applicant voluntarily completed vaccination requirements Date of exam: 08-27-2019
  9. I've called every civil surgeon that is close to me and none of them would notarise my vaccination records without doing a full medical examination. I have everything done but missing flu shot.. i was hoping to get flu shot at a local pharmacy and just get it notarized. I seem to need to spend $600 just to get this done because i need a full checkup😭 .. Is there another way? Will the uscis care will they outright deny me 😖 ahh i feel like ive made a huge mistake by believing the civil surgeon back home telling me to get the flu shot in america since I needed to do so anyways.. everything costs so much here
  10. We finally got our appointment leter!! Scheduled for the 22nd Feb. The only concerns i have are the missing flu shots in my medical packet do i get them done now before the interview? Also the lack of documents like health insurance and rent together since we cant afford insurance and we're paying rent to his parents so theres no documents..
  11. I'm getting concerned, my case has been stuck on Ready to schedule since March 2nd Should I call USCIS? Also my medical has passed one year, I got my medical back in August 27th 2019 I heard the medical you do back home only last for one year I have yet to go to a Civil Surgeon..
  12. Still waiting for something Been on Ready to Schedule since March 2, I was wondering if i need to re-do my medical? I submitted my medical packet from back home when i did K1 with the AOS pack
  13. Is it the one by Aries Software Studio? Also thanks for the recommendation! 🥰
  14. I just got my combo card in the mail. It was unexpected i've been checking the status on https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do and it hasnt updated Where do you guys check status on? But yay! im excited. 😄
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