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  1. Mine was like that too. Are you able to log in now? I gave it 2-3 business days before i was able to log in
  2. I think if you're the petitioner on the application and you selected yourself as the agent AND you're currently here in the states, they process your DS261 much quicker. I submitted mine yesterday, called NVC this morning and they accepted my DS261 while I was on the phone. Good luck on the rest of the process! Almost there....
  3. I'm hoping they're closed so they can take a day to enter them cases in...ugh wishful thinking lol
  4. Yay! Both our petitions were received at NVC at the same time. They said check back on Feb. 5th or 6th for case #. Already starting to get financial docs. ready to go.
  5. PD: DEC 30, 2016 - I have FINALLY received my official APPROVAL LETTER for my I-130 today in the mail WOOHOO! Approval Date: January 5th. Goooodbye Hellbraska!
  6. That is fantastic news! Wooohooo! Time to party all the way to NVC lol Congratulations once more. <3
  7. WOOOOHHOOOO! OMG STEPH&BOO I AM SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Way to hang in there.
  8. I'd like to know too. My I-129F was closed on 01/05 and I have yet to receive any updates and even called to check on my I-130 and still no approval. When you spoke with a Tier 1 officer, were they able to see if your case was approved? Or did you have to request to speak to a tier 2 to get that information for your I-130?
  9. Thank you! Thank you! I cannot wait to be in NVC already lol
  10. Aaaww thanks girl <3 it has been a long time coming and I am soooo grateful that I am close to getting the heck out of hellbraska lol This process is never easy and it will NEVER be easy. But I'm so glad to have found such an awesome group of people who understand. Thank you all! Thank you so much Steph&Boo. Now it's just anxiously waiting for an approval letter for my I-130. I know yours is on its way to..
  11. UPDATE: This morning I received 4 text messages and an email that my I-129F has been closed and benefits have been received by other means. I am beyond happy and grateful!! Now currently waiting for an update on my I-130. @Alexis9294 I am a DEC 2016 filer. Although I just received that notification, I am still stuck in Hellbraska till my actual approval comes through. So far there are three known DEC 2016 filers in this forum including myself. We will all get out of this place eventually!
  12. I'm so sorry you have yet to receive an answer yet. There is still 10 more days till the 60 days they asked you to allow them and I PRAY you will get an approval before or even ON that date (preferably BEFORE). I was told to allow 60 days as well (ending Jan 28th) due to additional reviews. It does get very discouraging but sooner or later they're gonna have to let us out of Hellbraska. Hang tight, we're all here for each other.
  13. YAAAY! YAAAY! YAAAY! Congratulations. Time to celebrate. I think it was your case that I first looked at this morning on the app lol
  14. I'm sorry for you too that you have yet to hear anything back since you filed early Dec and I filed near the end of the month I'm starting to think that is the case that both our cases are probably with the same officer and I'm wondering if there are any OTHER Dec 2016 filers besides us that are still stuck. It's just so ridiculous that it takes them this long to process applications yet they're already approving April filers Granted, I am beyond happy they're receiving their approvals and are able to move past Hellbraska, but it just gets more and more discouraging every single day that passes without an approval.
  15. Hang in there, I'm also a Dec filer still waiting too. They've told me the same thing as well to wait till 01/28 for an answer and that my case is currently pending adjudication and of course it was delayed due to additional reviews. *siiiigh*. We'll both get out of here some day...soon I hope :(