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  1. My fiance will be moving here in a few weeks and I'm wondering about how he can change the spelling of his last name from what it says on his Croatian passport, to a more phonetic representation of his name in English. His last name is (similar to, not exactly) Delačić. On all of the K-1 visa paperwork and the visa itself his name is written "Delacic". After moving here, he'd like for his name to be spelled "Delachich" in the US, because that's how the name is pronounced. At what point can he make that change? Will they let him get a Social Security card with his name spelled differently from what is on his I-94 and visa? Green card?
  2. Hooray, my case is finally “In transit” to the embassy today, too. That took 16 days from issuance of case number.
  3. You can call and ask if you have a case number yet as often as you want. I called every work day around the same time, it was my little ritual.
  4. Why am I concerned with the wait?? I’m concerned/annoyed/impatient with the wait because that’s basic human nature. I’m approaching the end of a very long visa ordeal, I’m separated from the one I love and that’s just hard, plain and simple. People vent when they’re frustrated, that’s normal.
  5. @Katri and @audaud--When did you each receive your NVC case numbers?
  6. Yes...I only got my case number 6 days ago, though, so I have a feeling that I’m in for a wait until it actually leaves NVC. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Hmm...not sure if I am understanding this correctly...I don't meet income requirements to be the sole sponsor of my fiance's visa, so I asked my mom to co-sponsor and I asked her to fill out an I-134 (my fiance just confirmed to me that that's what he received from me, two I-134s). Was she supposed to submit an I-864 for us instead? Or can my fiance just go to his interview with the two I-134s and it'll be ok?
  8. Whoops, apologies for my incorrect reply earlier. I sent my affidavit and my co-sponsor’s affidavit to my fiancé a long time ago so I had forgotten if the two forms are different. 😳
  9. Thank you. But the weird thing is that they already did correct my name, I think they did it last Friday, before my case number was even assigned. I'm just so baffled as to why they sent me an email today, 4 days after my case number was assigned, saying "we don't have a record of your petition, call USCIS to find out what happened". I guess I just have to ignore this email and assume that everything is ok, because obviously my petition DID reach NVC.
  10. Early last week, before I was given an NVC case number, I wrote to NVC to have my last name corrected in their system. Three days ago I received my case number. Now this morning I received this email and it is freaking me out. Someone please reassure me that my case is okay and that this is just a weird NVC email fluke???
  11. Yes, the co-sponsor must fill out the I-134 and provide supporting evidence.
  12. Calling is the only way to find out.
  13. Hallelujah, finally got an NVC case number today after a 28-day wait. NOA2 -- April 27 Case received at NVC -- May 14 NVC case number assigned -- June 11
  14. I’ve been waiting 24 days for a case number already. Most of the posts I’ve noticed have been saying 2-4 weeks, so I’m hoping to have mine by next week, “hoping” being the operative word here.
  15. The big thing he'll have to provide is the I-134 form, which is the Affidavit of Support, and the supporting documents/proof for that. Supporting evidence will be financial/tax documents...this is what they look at to make sure he can (help to) support you when you move to the US.