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  1. What is the best response response when asked why did you send her friend request on facebook to be her friend.....?
  2. I will advise you wait... cos scheduling your own date will sound desperate to them.... It pays to wait......
  3. Going to the embassy with ur fiance will not guarantee the visa approval... All he has to do is be fully prepared psychologically and be ready to answer questions from the C.O with honest
  4. Calling the embassy is not a good Idea ......don't seem frustrated in their eyes...
  5. Thank you wonderful family here for your prayers and information given to us.. I have finally had my interview date.... Glory be to God.... Those who had their case completed on August and September should expect their appointment letter this coming week .
  6. Hoping we hear from them this week or next week before the holiday approach
  7. My God grants him the uncommon favour..... Pray with him before he goes..... I believe in prayers..
  8. Am from Ghana and NVC completed my case on 11th August just waiting for my interview date..... What at all is the hold up
  9. My case was completed on August 11th I still haven't gotten my interview date.......
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