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  1. Geen idee? Heb je de website die @Bunbunbunny had aanbevolen gebruikt? Of ben je naar de gemeente gegaan? In geval van dat laatste, als je voor emigratie hebt aangevinkt/ingevuld, dan moet het goed zijn gegaan neem ik aan. Zoals ik hierboven schreef hangt het van de balie persoon af of ze het wel of niet in gang zetten met of zonder brief. Feitelijk was de brief een extra zekerheid/garantie zodat ik iets bij me had als er om gevraagd zou worden, wat dus voor mij het geval was.
  2. @Bunbunbunny @Junhan Ik heb voor mijn VOG aanvraag vorig jaar deze brief meegenomen naar het stadsdeel kantoor (Den Haag). https://photos.state.gov/libraries/netherlands/19452/public/IVNIVVOGAPPSUPP.pdf "Probleem" was dat de dame aan de balie dacht dat het hiermee niet kon, omdat het ondertekend moest zijn door de instantie. Na enig aanhouden van mijn kant (al werd ik er wel zenuwachtig van), ging ze het toch maar even navragen bij een collega/leidinggevende en kwam ze terug met het antwoord dat het blijkbaar tegenwoordig zo gaat..... Jaja.... Ik had via VJ en FB al het advies van deze brief gelezen, dus no way dat het een nieuwe procedure was. Anyway, eind goed, al goed - VOG 2-3 weken later met de post ontvangen. Heb deze vraag recentelijk weer in een van de FB groepen gelezen en iemand had een soortgelijke ervaring. Bij anderen gaat/ging het soepeler en kon het gewoon gelijk, maar dus een enkele keer dat een balie medewerker even tegenstribbelt, omdat ze denken dat het met deze brief niet kan.
  3. Yay congrats! And yes, I knew about the security thing already, I warned you in an above post But still, very good to know, so that we really do come on time. My interview is actually the 28th. I just keep saying it wrong. Luckily the right date is in all the relevant calendars, but lately I keep going back to the appointment letter to triple check, haha! Pre-interview jitters, or just other things on my mind - idk, but it's soon!
  4. Yes do! No need for VOG I think, but you'll need BC for SSN and AOS and perhaps some others that I'm forgetting.
  5. Nah, I found out a while ago that there are multiple field offices, so I was even asking people on this page if they were in down town LA, or other offices, because people might consider it LA, while it isn't. I looked up the San Fernando office times and jeez, so much longer than LA and I thought LA was long! Though... I had not yet expected an interview letter yet. Was expecting it more to be around late summer. Am happy that it's earlier, but the difference with the San Fernando office is a little crazy then!
  6. Ah ok, I went through this part of the process in Feb 2018, so some things (may have) changed since then. Did you submit photo copies of your VOG and birth certificate? If not, they keep the originals. In my case, I had submitted originals and copies and got the originals back. Unless those things have changed too and they kept the copies at the consulate and gave you back your originals during your interview? I wouldn't know.
  7. Been a couple days now, so I assume you've opened the envelop? If not/for future people, below the pic I sent to 2 other people who were right behind me in the process. . So you can open the first envelop. It contains your passport, original docs, X-ray CD (that you get to keep) and that thing on the right side. The envelop in the middle with the paper stapled to it is the one you're not allowed to open. I believe the back of it also clearly states that you are not to open it/only to be opened by the IO.
  8. 4-6 weeks! A friend of mine, his interview was within 4 weeks of receiving his letter. From the time I got my letter, it was 6 weeks (though it actually got rescheduled due to "unforeseen circumstances" to 2 weeks later).
  9. @manful my interview got rescheduled! Had a stressful day on April 16th, as I went to check my status online for no specific reason and then saw "Interview cancelled and notice mailed". Freaked me out a little. Then the next day, April 17th, I checked again and it said "Interview scheduled". Soooooo.... I got the cancellation letter yesterday (cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances"), but am still waiting for the new interview letter. I called USCIS today, and it's been re-scheduled to May 23rd. Bummer, but 2 weeks later isn't too big of a deal. Is yours still on for May 15th?
  10. @manful got my letter today! Interview on Monday May 13th. Interesting/weird that you got the interview scheduled notice and letter earlier than me, but that your interview is 2 days later. So for me it's exactly a month from receiving letter till interview date. What time is yours? Mine's at 8.15. Ugh! Had hoped for an afternoon appointment (if they even have those - I saw office closes at 3pm). I'm ugh-ing, because the website/page of the office states that they are having troubles with the security clearance thing, so that you have to come an hour early. With LA traffic we'll have to leave on time anyway, but this is going to be even earlier... Oh well, suppose it's for a good cause eh? 🤔
  11. Thanks! Are you in the LA Group as well? There's not that many of us, but that's where I've been getting my info from. Am not too active on VJ anymore besides that page and a Dutch one.
  12. I honestly had no idea what "city proper" meant, so I had to google that. I thought you'd made a typo 😂 But yes, LA proper is LA County/the LA County Field office. So I'll have my interview at the same location! And thanks for that info. Hubby and I are going on a one week trip starting April 24th, so we should be totally fine! Re medical, yeah... they recently changed the rules. I think I copied them here a while back. And while that seemed to be for new applicants, I've read multiple stories of people not having to re-do it (also some people a couple comments above here). My medical is from Feb 2018, so more like a year and 3 months since. Medical is reviewed by IO before/during interview. If they require you to get a new one, you'll hear about it then. You can be tentative-approved, pending a new medical. I really hope to not have to do a new one either, but I'm not stressing about it. One step at a time But yes, let me know how it goes!
  13. Just found out my interview was scheduled today! YAY! Had thought it would take till at least mid-summer based on the processing times. Though, I'd seen some fellow LA people who filed before me getting their interviews recently, which already led me to hope/believe that it could be sooner. Though, with USCIS you never know.... Now to wait for the letter and interview date!
  14. 😮 ! That was really quick! I filed in June, case ready for interview since July 24th. No answer yet. Are you in LA County specifically? EDIT: I was grumbling to hubs because of your case, then I just went to check my case status. Last update from today; interview was scheduled today! So now I have to wait for letter and interview date too. YAY! I believe the interviews are generally a month out. Hubs and I have a trip planned as well, but with a month notice, we should be ok.
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