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  1. So we were approved Oct 10th, we received Paper copy of approval form 797 notice of action on Monday October 15th and green card today Oct 17th.
  2. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/eadstats.php We were approved for conditional Green card before we received EAD or AP. which took 4 months for us, but each location is different, we were lucky to live in a state that processes quickly. Looking at VJ it looks like EAD is taking about 145 days currently. AOS for nation is averaging 310 Days and for Florida it depends on your local office and the last Hurricane may slow down processes fro some locations. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php
  3. Hello all, have not been on for a while. These months have just gone by quickly; in short all is well my wife came here April 13th, we were married on the 27th of May, AOS in June, Biometrics Aug, and yesterday approved for 2 year Green Card. Hope all is going well for you all.
  4. Hang in there, yep money is only Money, But soon you will be together.
  5. Fiancee, children, and I have been in the states since Friday Night. It has been a busy weekend and it is 26° here and the coldest they have every been in is 75° being single for years the credit card company shut off my credit card while shopping for clothes for three people. Unusual transactions, which was interesting trying to explain it is for our protection to someone whom never had credit, but was only a 20 minute delay on the phone. All is well they are getting adapted, no longer washing clothes on a wash board, taking baths out of a 5 buckets (which I had to put clorine in mine got a bad rash from the water there after the first day) getting drinking water in 10 gallon jugs, not walking to corner market for every meals purchase, not walking everywhere, or taking (buses packed like sardines) The trips I decided to live as they live and not rent a car. Now self check outs, (no more armed guards at the stores, checking items in bins at front doors), hot water, heated house, heated blankets, warm coats, cooking inside not over wood oven, (seat belts, which they do not like) Though I do miss being able to get the freshest produce and having warm tortillas. Today I will go to the high school to see what I need to get the children in enrolled. I talked to the High school and director of ESL a few months ago and know the process and got the paperwork ready, which is going to be driving around the city most of the day to different departments. Once I get more settled I will write a review of POE and Embassy.
  6. Mine took two weeks to get processed but holidays slowed mine down. December 15th NOA2 January 18th NVC Received January 29th NVC Number January 31 NVC left Feb 5th Embassy Received
  7. Well soon you will be dropping Pound, quid, sterling, pence, for Dollar, buck, money, cent. But will have the Queens English which most people adore here. Get a kick out of children here listening to Peppa Pig and picking up some of the accent. Mommy, may I have a cup of tea?
  8. One thing that I have learned nothing is free. Money flows like water. Hope you have good news and have your medical letter soon.
  9. There are a few more things you can try though results do not seem to be too well. @John & Rose may be able to give numbers they tried. You are not alone there are at least 12 people we know still waiting.
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