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  1. Not all countries confer nationality based on birth within them (Jus Soli), many require significantly more ties.
  2. He can always reopen one on any of his next visits, it should be fairly easy. But in my personal opinion, a bank account in and of itself is not the key thing they are worried about. I would not get too hung up about it.
  3. When I submitted mine I did not include these kind of documents but wrote at the end of my application that any further supporting documents could be submitted if required. If you have something outlining the medical and care situation, include it, it will do no harm. I myself was much younger (33)when I did mine, so care for my parents was still some way off in the future. My application was submitted from Asia as I was working there prior to coming to the US. From what I have heard I was lucky, my application, from submission to holding the document in my hands, was around 8-10 weeks 😲 seems it now takes longer... Feel free to ask any questions on this topic, I can also provide help in German should you need any. Tumi
  4. I did mine few years ago. From what you describe your circumstances as being, I see no reason why he should not be able to get one. For ties to Germany, emphasize family connections, possibly land/houses that could become an inheritance, caring for elderly parents now or in the future. Processing time between 12 and 18 months seems realistic. Just make sure you fill out everything correctly the first time so that there are no delays. DO NOT NATURALIZE BEFORE YOU ARE HOLDING THE BBG IN YOUR HANDS! Many make this mistake, be sure to have the document before you proceed. Good luck to you and your husband! Tumi
  5. No, it does not matter. Marriage (heterosexual) is almost universally accepted and recognized the world over no matter where it took place. I married my US citizen wife in China, we have the red marriage books and nothing else (despite both of us not being Chinese...).
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