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  1. The cbp was confuse with the type of visa, he or she was thinking when others immigrant arrive to the country they can do that, because their green cards were approved at the consulate.
  2. Each case is diferent, mine changed i guess after 15 days
  3. I did k1, usually you need wait until the case says ready to schedule interview. the case status change from at nvc to in transit ( that mean nvc send case to embassy). , then change to ready ( mean you can schedule your interview). soon you will get a letter from nvc and an email too, print the email and take that to your medical exam. for medical exam: passport, dominican cedula, email from nvc and confirmation page from I-160. ( same for consulate interview)
  4. My case july 24 new card is being produced july 29 card was mailed july 30 card was picked up by the united state postal service august 1 card was delivered by the post office. good luck on your waiting.
  5. Here it is clear, that you and your husband didnt make a good job with your children. Both of you fail on teach your children be respefull with all person which mean respect each other. Maybe both arent the same, maybe is only one who is unrespecfull, the one who is unrespecfull is the one who parent failed doing his or her job
  6. I enter in a k1 too, this is what i did: tow weeks after i enter i went ss office with passport and i-94 and got ssn on my name. Then i got merried, Sent aos package on my marriage name When i got ead , i went back to ss office with marriage certificate, my passport, and changed my name.
  7. You dont need do anything, they will close your case, that happened to me. i got my gc and months later the close the case
  8. What questions were asked? You havent posted which questions the co made. Also which evidence did you inclue in your i-129f package? Many people dont inclue evidence on their package thinking that the day of interview co will reviews evidence. Co take the decision base on the package and base in some questios. On the interview co font reviews evidence
  9. If your i-94 is goid, then you take your passport, marriage certificate and i-94 to ss office and they make the change. i-94 need be good at least 14 before going expire. if no the wait to ead or green card. my i -94 was expired after marriege, then i wait my ead and went back to ss ofice and changed my name.
  10. Ss office need i-94 unexpire to issue a ss card, if i- is expired then you need show ead card for then change name or issue another card.
  11. I wish the best, but everything look confusing, i know every country cacth people who they think they are illegally, but one country could send him back to his home country, that dont authorize that country contact to report him with any other country. the issue here it could be that when you fiance went to his interview his visa on the other country was expired, and the American embassy found out that after they issued the visa and for that rezon they revoke his visa. Example if you have a valid visa from Canada, and you are ilegally in USA, usa can deport you to you home country, but usa can not report you to Canada. It look like your fiance apply to k1 visa with his visa expired and they review that and revoke the visa after they see he was applying for a visa with no status in that country.
  12. You try yo explain is that he couldnt stay in that country until he could go to his interview at the embassy? Or are you saying that he has his us visa on his passport and couldnt flight to us because he has to go vack home country? You post is confusing, because if he had his k1 visa on his passport, why he didnt flight to usa instead to his home country? If he has a usa visa on his passport , even if the visa from one country expire , usa doesnt cancel his visa on his passport, all he need do is flight to usa. Or maybe you try to say he was waiting interview at the usa embassy, and his other visa expire vefore his interview? What really you try to say?
  13. In which country he was approved the k1 visa? Why he couldnt flight to usa if he had the visa on his passport? Usualy you have 6 months to enter to usa.
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