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  1. The consulate signed it when the two girls at the reception before security took all my paperwork. I’m sorry to hear that. that has to be the worse thing to happen after everything. I hope it shows up.
  2. Thanks guys, I’ve just never heard of anyone not having that envelope didn’t want to miss something
  3. Hey, I received my immigrant visa in the mail in my passport a week ago. All that was sent to me was my passport alone, no visa packet or envelope. I got an email with info on how to read my visa and the annotations mine is “IV documents in CCD 212(g)(2)(B) “ but I’m worried that supposed to have a sealed packet to take with me. Everywhere I have read says there is a sealed packet. Help! The annotation table is below!
  4. Idk all I know is that mine is the one that says ‘ IV Documents in CCD 212 (g) (2) (B)’ which I read as saying I only require my passport to enter. I also got the email that said I have to pay a fee before I enter the US for issuing of my green card
  5. Hey yes, I got my passport, but according to the email they sent me I dont need the envelope just my passport I put pic up of the annotation that’s on my passport and what it means.
  6. Also interviewed and approved yaaaay
  7. Hey Everyone, My interview for my green card is next Tuesday morning and I just wanted some extra advice or any tips. I’m pretty nervous but just really want to make sure I don’t forget to bring anything, all and any advice would be great. My interview is at the Sydney Australia US consulate. Thanks
  8. I live in Australia and mine only took about 12 days.
  9. Yeah thanks, Im just so concerned so I may buy a policy for a week or so just to cover myself. I'm a nurse here in Australia so I know exactly how much it costs if anything goes wrong and I definantly not gonna get without insurance even for just a week. Too risky. Thanks Mate
  10. Okay but most jobs require a SSN so how do you get around that? How long did his green card and SSN take to come through?
  11. I was thinking of maybe buying a few months of travel insurance then once im there and have my green card and SSN we can switch to his or Ill activate my own with a Job. Can I ask how long did it take to get your green card mailed and SSN once he arrived? I've never not had a job and I wanna try get a job as soon as possible once I arrive. My husband is a student for another year so rather than eat into my savings I wanna work as soon as possible. Im entering the US ona CR-1.
  12. Hey Everyone, My interview is on the 21st of August and am hoping to be moving to the US end of September once approved. My husband has Health insurance but I'm not really sure if that will cover me either way I'm unsure if I should be purchasing travel insurance as health insurance until we sort it out or if I should look into something else. Ahhh its really hard cause I don't wanna get caught without insurance and stuck with a massive bill. Halp Me ! Thanks, Sophie
  13. SophieTheGamer

    Buying Plane tickets

    There is an amazing deals right now, my interview is the 21st of August so I’ve been shopping looking at booking end of September as I have a lot of stuff here to finalise before I leave
  14. SophieTheGamer

    Buying Plane tickets

    Hey, i was curious its actually cheaper to buy a return ticket than it is to buy a one way ticket to the US. Am I allowed to buy a return ticket once my visa is approved when I move there or does it have to be a one way ticket? Even when I don’t plan on taking the return ticket? Thanks, Sophie
  15. Hey everyone got my interview date today for August 21st, so it took 10 days from case complete till I got my interview date and letter and looks like a month between the letter and interview date. Yaaaay It’s happening