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  1. Shouldn’t be any problem to get a new ESTA. I stayed 10-11 days per trip usually. But 2-4 weeks is usually OK too. You have to stay outside of the US significantly longer than inside (on ESTA), that’s the rule of thumb.
  2. That rumor is 100% untrue. Even if you would be turned away at the border it will NOT affect your visa application. Lots of people visits on ESTA. I did it 8 times over two years and never had any problems. Just try to make the visits relatively short and bring evidence on ties to your home country, like copy of a contract for your apartment, letter from your employer stating that they expect you back at work or papers from a university if you are a student. Anything that indicates that you plan to go back and not stay illegally in the US is good to have with you. Just in case. And don’t lie to the immigrations officer! Just tell him/her what you’re going to do and it will be all good.
  3. I recently moved in with my wife the here in US and while things are going really well, we have however discovered that it's a little harder to live together than dating. But what you're explaining is something very different. This doesn't seem normal, and while a psychologist maybe could give a diagnosis and offer treatment, "good old" misogyny is not a disease. If that’s what he has been able to hide for four long years, then well played, but this is the guy he really is. You need to put all thoughts of practical matters and money being invested away. And absolutely no one will think it’s shameful to break up with someone who first misled you and then treated you badly. No one! Definitely not your family. I’m not saying that he will become violent, but no one would ever say to a victim of domestic violent that it was “good that you stayed so long, it would have been shameful if you had left the guy earlier”, right? Use your gut feeling. You stay or you leave, but only based on if you want to stay with this man, not based on any practicalities or money. Do what you feel is right for you and your child. Everything else is secondary. Just leave all your stuff and the car, if that’s what it comes down to. Property is worthless compared to things that are actually important and valuable in life.