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  1. I601 receipt date: 12 Oct 2017 Status changed: Decision Notice Mailed (denied) 9 Nov 2018 Still waiting on the letter to arrive to explain why it was denied and what options we have (if any)
  2. @TBoneTX - you make a really good point! I hadn't even thought about that. On the plus side of it - I'm not going to complain when an incumbent retires, even if it does mean the seat flips parties. Politics shouldn't be a "career" lasting decades. (cough, cough, "term limits", cough, cough) I'm not really all that bothered by the House flipping to Dem majority. I don't think it's in the best interest of the Nation for either party to hold all the power. Even if the Dems are ignoring the Constitution as much as they possibly can (and it's costing them) we need something that will still provided some semblance of balance. The Republicans can't be allowed to function unchecked and uncontested, that wouldn't be healthy for the Nation in the long run (the whole "absolute power corrupts absolutely" thing). Overall I'm pleased with how I see our system working. It's not a perfect system, but it's one of the best I've seen considering the basic faults in human nature. To see so many people actually get involved in a mid term election is awesome!
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    As for the second part of your question - if you get married/hold a wedding ceremony prior to the issuance of the K1 visa - you will VOID your K1 and have to restart the entire process on a CR1. People have had their K1's denied for "being too married" based off of the traditional engagement ceremonies held in some countries - even though the couple did not technically marry per the nation's laws. Anything that even LOOKS like a wedding can trigger a denial for a K1 at the consular interview. The K1 is specifically for getting married AFTER entry and within 90 days of that entry. If you want to get married prior to getting a visa - look into the CR1. Due to the nature of the K1 - many have done a "courthouse" marriage within the 90 days then had the big family celebration with dresses and cake later.
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    I concur with the other poster. If you read through the various months for K1s (lots of threads for filers by month/year) you'll see that there is a general timeline but there are so many different things that come up that can throw it off at ANY stage. Everything can be fully approved and simply waiting for the consulate to return a passport - seems like a simple 14-30 day thing - so people start buying plane tickets and reserving venues, etc....then for some unknown reason they spend 4 months in "AP" or the passport doesn't get sent back for 90 days or 6 months - and no one knows why. The most consistent piece of advice I have seen on VJ no matter what thread, what visa, what country, etc - NEVER SPEND MONEY on plane tickets or wedding plans UNTIL you PHYSICALLY have the VISA/PASSPORT in hand. As much as it sucks and it makes planning anything really hard - it's just the reality of the immigration process.
  5. Actually yes there is. It's called CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. If I were to drive drunk and get arrested, I would be separated from my children. If I was putting my children in danger - they would be taken from me. Please tell me how it is the fault of the USA that these families are getting separated? Who exactly put them in this position? Call me an ignorant white girl, but the families that are bypassing the laws and trying to force their entry illegally and are using their children as tools to try and manipulate us are the ones bearing the weight of the full responsibility for the situation. How is it different than a terrorist organization hiding in hospitals or schools? Manipulation is manipulation. Boundaries are boundaries. In any interaction - person to person, city to city, nation to nation - Those who want to violate boundaries get angry and act like the victim when those who enforce their boundaries refuse to be manipulated. Enforcing boundaries is not cruel or inhumane. Using children to try to manipulate an agenda is disgusting. I'm sorry the children have to suffer AT THE HANDS OF THEIR PARENTS POOR DECISIONS but that is a fact of life. Many children suffer all over the world, even here in the US because their parents are messed up. My own father was an abusive alcoholic and drug addict before cancer returned his karma to him and my mother hung herself (though I was an adult when she did it - it still speaks to her ill state of mind in general). So yeah - as a kid - an argument could be made that I suffered at the hands of my parents. I was not much more than a weapon in their war against each other. My family was separated. Repeatedly. Moved around. Repeatedly. Bad stuff happens. And while it sucks for kids both in and out of the country whose parents are disgusting human beings who never should have been gifted with children - it's still the parent's responsibility. It's not the US Government's job to save all the children in the world from crappy parenting. Our own system can't even handle caring for our own nation's children! And as for the children themselves - as they grow - it's THEIR responsibility to decide what kind of human they will be. I could whine and play the perpetual victim, capitalizing on the dysfunction of my childhood - or I can do what I did - get over it and decide that I was going to be better, do better - and my 4 sons are amazing human beings growing up to be fine young men. So no, you won't find much sympathy from me for these families being separated, and no - you won't find me blaming Trump, Obama, USCIS, ICE or anyone else for the circumstances the adults in the family have chosen to place those children in. And yes, I do believe that "breaking up [these] families" is fully justified considering the irresponsible and outright illegal actions of the parents that are endangering these children.
  6. I would get banned if I posted my thoughts regarding all these questions about "which way are you leaning?" .....as a chick, I don't know exactly what leaning feels like, so I'll just have to take the guys words on it....
  7. If our constitution applied to non citizens, my fiance would have had a very different experience when he tried to come over and visit me. What happened to him at the hands of one CBP officer at LAX included so many legal violations it would make your stomach turn. But because he's not a citizen, he was not treated as such. And we are still waiting on the process to get him here. 2.5 years later. I have zero sympathy for those in the caravan being denied the protections of the US Constitution. They are not entitled to it anymore than my fiance would have been. CBP has the right to refuse anyone who is not a citizen/lpr entry for any reason they want. If they believe that a person intends to immigrate and the person doesn't have a valid visa for that purpose, they can refuse them. The caravan doesn't qualify for asylum because Mexico offered it. They obviously intend to immigrate. None have any authorization to do so. Entry via any location other than an official POE is a direct assault on our borders and violates US law. I see a clear threat to our nation if they continue to advance the border. Using the military on US citizens is unconstitutional, but using the military to defend our borders from invasion is the first and foremost reason we have a military. Not many have tried to attack or invade our borders and those who have were dealt with swiftly and effectively. Let's roll back even further. Wasn't it "peaceful immigrants seeking a new life" who ended up going to war with the natives of this land that began the establishment of our existence in the first place? Right or wrong, we won. And we also fought our initial nation of heritage to become fully independent. Again, we won. Those who forget history are bound to repeat it. Right, wrong, or indifferent, I remember how we won our position as a nation. I'm not going to support a repeat of another group of immigrants doing the same thing.
  8. I wonder, what will the stats be in 8 more years? 8 of the past 10, the Left had Obama. And yes, the extreme right was violent. It's been my observation that it's only really been since Trump won that the Left has been getting increasingly more violent. It started as the extreme Left, but as we have seen and discussed in other threads, the reason #walkaway has happened and some are leaving the Democratic party is that the tantrums from the extreme have become the proclamations of the party leaders and especially during the Kavanaugh circus became the behavior of much of the party members. It's no longer "the extreme Left". It's still not the entire democratic party, but it is spreading rapidly.
  9. I don't condone the violence from either side. Just to be sure that point is made clear. It seems that the main focus or "measure" of violence is related to deaths rather than the lesser degrees of overall harassment. And if the stats are correct - then it does appear that the right is better at actually killing their targets rather than merely being disruptive. I would think that would cause everyone to pause and deeply evaluate the consequences of what that forebodes. If this all continues to escalate and the Right starts to feel like the Constitution is under attack do such a degree that they are willing to engage in a civil war, who wins? The disruptive, harassing, rock throwing, less lethal violence but louder screaming Left or the silent, skip the arguing, aim, fire, kill of the Right? Just a thought.
  10. Gosh! Where do I fit?? I'm white - okay, check. I live in a rural area, okay check..... I have a 2 year degree so I'm neither "less educated" nor am I "highly educated"...I guess that makes me "medium educated". I'm not afraid for "my personal safety" and I'm not afraid of "losing land" or whatever the author was trying to convey as the "rich white man's fear".... Am I old? I don't know, is 40 old? Middle age Female, with a middle degree education, and a middle class income, not afraid of anything.....I feel left out.... I guess I'm supposed to be a Democrat (couldn't be because I'm not afraid of old, white, republican males)??? Apparently I don't have a defined place in America according to all the rhetoric lately. I feel left out and think I just might have to have a tantrum because I'm entitled to be grossly grouped into some poorly defined subculture of America darn it! I mean, if the media is so insistent on telling me how to think, shouldn't they give me an assigned group to mind meld with???? I think the only thing I'm concerned about (though I wouldn't say afraid of) is the Democratic party's outright war on the Constitution, and I didn't need anyone to tell me to be afraid of that - I've witnessed it plenty in their own actions over the last few years.
  11. Why does it matter "how many people" would be affected by the policy? I've seen much in the thread about the percentages.... Frankly, I don't care if the percentage is so small it's not noticeable, or so large that it's having undeniable negative impacts - anchor babies are an abuse to the system. If it's such a small number affected, then why get up in arms to keep the issue unchanged? If it's a large number, then it's apparent it needs changed. Either way - small % or large % - changing the amendment is not a bad idea. From what I've observed (and the nature of VJ) we are ALL in support of LEGAL immigration. From what I've seen and understood about the Trump administration and platform is more about being opposed to ILLEGAL immigration (though all the supporters of illegal immigration never want to use those words to define it). Does Trump want to implement changes to the current legal system of immigration as well, yes. So far, I haven't seen any proposed changes that would hurt the USA. I'm not opposed to changes in our severely abused and way too "wide open" immigration policies. That doesn't make me "anit-immigration". That simply makes me "honest about the faults in the current immigration system". Anything that makes it harder to abuse is a good thing. I have zero problem with people who go through the entire process legally, honoring the intent of policies. Those who try to abuse the system through fraudulent methods, even if they are going through the process - I have a problem with. Part of why the process takes so excruciatingly long is because of all the abuses. Cut the abuses, and the whole system becomes more efficient. That's a win for all those who are using the immigration system for it's intended purpose, a very "pro-immigration" stance. If a fruit tree is allowed to grow unchecked, untended - it actually produces less fruit. To maximize the production of fruit, a tree must be wisely pruned. It can't be hacked so far back that there is nothing left, but if it's not cut back responsibly - all the energy goes into growing more branches rather than producing fruit. Immigration is like that tree - if we want the best, most productive "USA possible" then we need wise management of the "Immigration Tree" - when it gets out of control, it needs pruned, however that pruning must not be so overkill as to remove all the branches. How exactly we find that balance, I don't know but a good place to start is to review the immigration policies of countries all over the world and review how those policies compare/contrast to the values and strength of our Nation. Regardless, our tree is so overgrown that it's a huge mess. It needs attention. That doesn't mean I want the tree cut down and removed (anit-immigration). It means I want to see the tree as healthy as it can be (pro-immigration).
  12. I agree that if they are so certain the claims are credible then they should be fully investigated, however because it was obviously nothing more than a political smear campaign that failed miserably and also backfired terribly, they've tried to distance themselves from it as much as possible. They want Americans to forget what the Democratic leaders did prior to the Nov vote. I can't recall exactly which thread on the topic it was but someone posted an article about how the whole Kavanaugh thing resulted in a massive swell of Republican voter interest and that the Dems needed to do everything they could to distance themselves from it and get voters to forget by midterms. Even without the media coverage or any continued investigations, the conservatives and even the liberals who left the Dems over the whole mess won't forget. But they sure do get an A+ for effort! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - time and time again American's prove to be much smarter than the Democratic party (and yes, politicians in general) tend to think they are. The silent majority still votes.
  13. Congratulations! You definitely received something unheard of these days without an expedite! I'm Oct 2017 and still waiting. Many other cases from my receipt date are moving along, but mine's still pending. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. That's so wonderful for you! I'm not sure what Casablanca is like, perhaps someone else will know. Perhaps email or call the consulate and ask them what the next steps are. Some consulates want a 2nd interview, others just want updated medical/police reports (if the original ones have expired). I hope the rest of your case continues to proceed as quickly!! Best of luck!
  14. O LAWD! You might as well just drink water! YUK! 0% is terrible!!!! hahaha My absolute favorite in coffee is a bit of heavy cream and honey - but i settle for 1/2 n 1/2 - whole if it's all I've got. The divinity of milk is in it's fat!!