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  1. Thank you, You know, after Oath Ceremony I went straight to SS Office, to update my SS Data. Tuesday was my Lucky day
  2. Hi, My Immigration Journey ended, had The interview same day, it was super easy, fast, and got approved same day. I had the Oath Ceremony on the same day and the Citizenship Certificate was delivered on the same day.My N400 journey from day submitted the application online to the day of Oath, took 3 Months and 16 days. Good Luck to Every one.
  3. what s the reason for the RFE? can you please update us? Thank you
  4. What I mean is that I had three interviews during my immigration process. One when applied for Visa to enter USA, two, when applying for the years conditional Green Card AOS, three when removing the condition on GC. and I was wondering if you will have to also bring your wife to the interview for the N400?
  5. Thank you for the reply RED Flag or REF, is it possible they red Flag someone after having three interviews? we got approved for I-751 and i want to file based on 3 year rule we don't have joint accounts, but we feel taxes jointly, reason is my wife has bad credit, an d an new to establishing credit. during removal of condition IO did not say anything about it when we said we don't have a joint account instead he approved us right away said we have given a lot of evidence, like health insurance , 401 and joint utilities. Thank you
  6. LuckyCuds, you seem to be from the same state like me, how long it took you to get approved? can you please provide me with list of the documents you sent? did you applied online or by paper? Thank you
  7. Thank you Guys for the replies, Do you have to take your wife with you to the interview?
  8. Hi VJs I am planning to apply for US citizenship based on the 3 years rule as being married to US citizen and I am collecting document supporting my application, but I have questions if anyone can assist please. 1- When they say submit any documents referring to you and you spouse? if we submit statements of joint bank account or utility bills, do we have to submit a one month bill/statement or we must submit statement/bills of the whole time since we were married? 2- what documents are strong and support my application? 3- what is the difference between : Tax return and internal revenue service certified copies of the income tax forms and IRS tax return transcript? Any advise or suggestion is welcomed, and thank you all.
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