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  1. The Attorney want to suck your money because , if you Mention Nikahh, then father married religiously, which is a legal marriage. the thing is the country of Pakistan and so many other Islamic countries don't know how to apply Shariaa, and they just mess around.
  2. Khula is when the wife divorces the Husband for no reason.
  3. First of all, marrying a second wife is not a Polygamy, the Issue here is how your father Forced your Mom into Civil Divorce? in the USA as a Muslim, you can have a second or 3rd or even a forth wife the same time and it is not considered polygamy. the USA law consider religious beliefs of others and acknowledges them. Mormon and Amish does it and none is accused of Polygamy.The Issue is how your father forced your Mom into civil divorce. Scenario one: he is stupid , does not know his rights, second scenario he thinks as being divorced can bring second wife to USA. if you say you are a practicing Muslims, how is this a problem to you and your mother? it is in your culture, your traditions your beliefs. Or you want to hurt your father because you Mad. if Shariaa Board here in USA told your father this divorce is not legal and he can still have your mother as a wife because marriage according to USA law is not a recognized marriage. then, Please provide their names here and I as a Muslim will mobilize Islamic scholar to teach him and people like him how well is islamic religion. This bullying, abuse and lies you all participate on it. Probably other non Muslim here when they see things like that they think Muslims are just piece of and savage, but the reality is how we - Muslims represent the Islam. as far as your father second wife, since she contacted you and admitted she is his wife then, you all are aware of this, it is just a mater of anger and you want to hurt your father. if you want to know the legal view of islam about your father divorcing his wife, then your mother is Haram on your father, since he has a legal paper justify he divorced her. Your father living in Haram, your mother is not Halal on Him.they should be separated, and this is what you should do as a Muslim, and this issue should be your primary concern not stopping your father bringing his second wife.
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