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  1. Hi, sorry for the long answer , I was a little busy For the Algerian visa it is easy and quick, my wife actionally got and it was not a hassle for her so what to do is submit the following documents: Invitation letter form n Algerian host notarized at the city hall in Algeria (I can give you a copy if you want ) • A copy of round trip flight ticket;( ask your host to go to a travel agency and ask for a free confirmation of flight ticket they provide it for free but cancelled right after you leave agency) • employment letter • Passport hard copy and a copy of the first page. The passport should be valid for at least six months; • $160 money order, we accept ONLY USPS money orders; • Two (02) copies of application form (Download) . from the embassy website Please fill out the editable PDF application form on screen, print it and then date and hand sign it. On each copy, please glue a photo on the box reserved for it at the upper right side of the form. The photos should be US passport photos, 2 x 2 inches or 51 x 51 mm. • You can apply in person, bit I advise you to send your application through UPS directly to the Consulate General. after six days you will have a visa stamped then welcome to Algeria "Mon Amour"
  2. Hi vjs I got this Friday a notification from DHS,gov that my case of AOS was approved and by this Wednesday I got a notice of approval by mail. Again before writing this post I check my account on USCIS and it says that my Green card have been picked by USPS post and they gave me a tracking number after checking it shows expected delivery by Friday 20 July. i am so happy and I wish every body the same. the only thing is what now? is there another steps to do ? do I have to stamp my passport somewhere?is the stamp on the passport mandatory? what about the social security card: mine is says authorized to work only with DHS authorization, so what shall I do now.? I really need advice and thank you so much for the help.
  3. you receiving this notification because of your account setting. if you go to account setting, scroll down you will see case inactivity on or off, basically you must set it on that is what you are receiving update that NO ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN ON YOUR CASE SINCE TWO WEEKS. if you want to dis-activate it just set it off and you will no longer receive mails or sms that your case in inactive since XX time have a good luck
  4. Thanks for the replies I really appreciate it,However when I had the interview I asked the interviewing officer after she was done with us to check the status of my EAD and AP from here computer , so she did try and then said Ahhh I cannot log in to check your status because our system is down since a long time and we did not fix it yet. she said if we have anything we will let you know by mail dont worry. so yes there is a system down and no one want to speak about it.
  5. thanks for the reply I had AOS interview last May 30 and they RFE about varicella vaccines and I submitted the new I-693 form right after I did did the medical but whenever I check my case status it did not show if they get my documents or they did work on my case or whatever, there is no up date and my receipt number is not recognized at all , why ?
  6. Hi I would like to inquire about my case status, there is no update about my three cases EAD , AP, AOS since a while what is the best way to inquire about my case I do case status check online it says we dont recognize the receipt number I made a case inquiry they said your case is still in the normal processing time can you help please?
  7. Sorry for you Man I really do understand your pain, but know for sure all K1 visa applying for AOS have problems for their Green Card because of the Medical either the day of the interview or after , I come to understand that the Medical plays a role in this Process. Actionally I am planning to post in theK1 section and give hints for new comer about this issue so future comers wont have the same problem. wish you all the best and may your case get fast enough processed
  8. Hi First of All congratulation for you on finishing your PhD that is really Amazing. Secondly, IO usually dont review what we give them and they REF people based on random and arbitrary reasons, last May I went for my Interview , me and my wife we waited in the waiting room, IO come in and call us to his office, put us on oath we sat and he give us a REF for my wife is not working and for vaccination supplement, and she said I need documents have both your names.I looked to here kind of strange I said this what we gave you and it was there in the file, and here is what we gave here : 1. Interview notice with photo ID 2. Vaccination supplement 3. updated affidavit of support with the following supporting documents: - Employment letter - Earning statement - Tax return for last three years 4. Documents establishing my eligibility for lawful permanent resident status including: - Approved I-129 F Petition for fiancé - Marriage Certificate 5. Immigration -related document ever issued to me including: - Notice of action for I-485 - Notice of Action for I-765 - Notice of Action for I-131 - Appointment notice for Biometrics stamped on the day of visiting 6. Passport with K-1 visa and admission stamp at POE with I-94 7. My birth Certificate with English Translation 8. My wife birth certificate with Translation, copy of passport biographic page and certificate of naturalization 9. Supporting Evidence of Bonafide Marriage including: - Marriage certificate - Some wedding photos - Congratulation card from justice of peace - Our apartment Rental lease - Joint bank account - 2017 Taxes filed jointly - Individual Income Tax refund correspondence letter with check on our names - My wife divorce decree all this list she said yo us we did not show here evidences. after that I said , now it is in the list and she started to take them out, then she look at my wife tax form of 2015 and she said you need a joint sponsor because your wife she did not make enough in 2015, I said now she make enough and she is over the 125 poverty guideline , she still argue with me and then I showed her a copy of the employment letter and pay stubs and bank deposit. she kept silent and after a while she said I still want to REF you and I want you to have to report varicella missing vaccine. and she said if you can show me evidence now you have it I can approve you, so right on the spot I gave here my child vaccination book that have a varicela history and showed her and then she said I still want to REF you , her is REF letter please submit the I-693 from an appoved doctor. Interviewing officers are humans and if they dont like a couple forget about it and also if they dont like your photo on the application forget about it. I have seen that in the office and I have seen how many people here although they submit everything but still get REF, nobody cares. my advice just give them what they want and as fast as you can Have a good luck
  9. hi probably you forget to submit the vaccination supplement and if you did, I am very sure you missing varicella reported. Most of K1 visa if not all have not this done during their medical, it is not a problem for the visa , but it is a problem when AOS is done. Most of K1 AOS cases been RFE for this so what to do, is the following: check your vaccination supplement referred to as D3025 (if you have been given a copy during your medical exam for the visa) if you have all your vaccines done and the varicella is also reported. if not, I urge you to check for a civil surgeon in your state, you can also check here the list of doctors who can transcribe the I-693 for a small fees, some members here report their experience and the fees. he will update your medical form I-693 and please make sure varicella is updated too or reported; if you have been vaccinated, the vaccine box will be ticked after you show proof of it to the doctor or you if you had chicken pox at your childhood based on your statement he will report vaccine history. I am saying that based on my experience and how this gave me a hassale and my case have been RFE good luck
  10. I advise you to check one thing, check to vaccination supplement d-3025 and see if the varicella section is ticked, if yes along with other required vaccines ( DT, hepB, Menengitis,MMr) then you good just resend the vaccination supplement. if your medical is more than a year old then you should redo another medical and always make sure the varicella is done most K1 visa applicant dont have it and most of their AOS cases got denied and RFE for this good luck
  11. yes , this is the problem for most of K1 visa , usually when we do the medical in our countries we forget to report varicella and USA embassy don't require it for interview. so what to do is there is a thread here that shows doctors who wont charge you for transcribing the vaccines, honestly I dont remember this thread but just look or type in google " civil surgeon who transcribe the I-693 for small fees.and look in your city, I think I come across some doctors who do that in state. good luck
  12. hi, and what about for the interview? the interview notice says bring an affidavit of support. We did submit with our AOS application a completed affidavit of support with supporting documents but my wife (the petitioner) changed here job after that, so are we required to fill a new I-865 for the interview and take supporting documents or just say we are already submitted this form and be truthful and say about the current job status of my wife? we have interview this May 30 and we confused can you help out?
  13. hi so what do you suggest in what is related to affidavit of support? , In he interview notice they ask to bring an affidavit of support, if some applicants fill I-865 with supporting documents and send it along with AOS and after biometrics, they change their jobs due to some facts.So for the interview they shall refill a new I-865 form with the new employment and include supporting documents, or just recopy the old form and say your petitioner job has changed? The interview notice dont mention any updated I-865 form and they add between bracket (unless already submitted), so if already submitted there is no need to bring anew one? and if someone bring a new affidavit of support with a new employment details wont this add confusion to the application and interview I am actionally facing this issue since my interview is this May 30 Do you have advises?
  14. hi so what do you suggest in this case? , if some applicants fill I-865 with supporting documents and send it along with AOS and after biometrics, they change their jobs due to some facts.So when they are scheduled for the interview they shall refill a new I-865 form with the new employment and include supporting documents, or just recopy the old form and say your petitioner job has changed? because in the interview notice they dont say updated I-865 form and they add between bracket (unless already submitted) I am actionally facing this issue since my interview is this May 30 Do you have advises?
  15. Hello Vjs I am adjusting my status from K-1 and we have interview this May, 30 and they ask us to supply a bench of document. among the requested documents there is medical and it says (unless submitted) and completed affidavit of support with supporting document and it says(unless submitted). so my question is ,when going to interview shall I bring only proof of a bona fide marriage and birth certificate and other requested documents and skip those unless submitted or shall I also bring a copy of the affidavit of support that we sent with our initial application for AOS with supporting documents. If so they must be updated?Shall I bring updated one? if the petitioner has changed a job and it is not the same as when filed the affidavit of support, shall we refill a new affidavit of support and include pay stubs and letter of employment? or just go to interview and say that we submitted those documents and just give them the other requested papers For the medical they took it at the POE and I have only a copy of DS-3025 that I requested from the Doctor when I did my Medical in my home country. I appreciate your advises and guidance Thank you