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  1. Hello VJ, when applying for ROC do we send a passport size photo id with the application? I get my application ready, and I don't see in the form instruction or here in forum or in guides in vj that we must send a passport size id photo. Can any one help please by confirming this please?
  2. Once again thank you for the reply, I read the "your rights to make health care decisions" A summary of Connecticut law, and the enclose a sample likewise the one I posted on the link above. Do I need a lawyer to create an advance directive? No. You do not need a lawyer to create an advance directive. You can use the forms in this booklet. Do I need a notary to create an advance directive? Except for optional forms, the forms do not require the use of a notary. An additional optional form called a witnesses' affidavit that is included among the forms in this booklet requires a notary public or a lawyer to verify the signature of the witnesses. This form is discussed in more detail in the next section. If you have legal questions, you should consult a lawyer. Looks like the form you read about it which I also come across sounds made by a lawyer or an attorney. anyway I will follow , the summary of Connecticut health law guide. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the reply. I live in Connecticut, according to the state laws, you don't need a lawyer, they provide sample forms https://portal.ct.gov/AG/Health-Issues/Connecticuts-Living-Will-Laws to be filled I am not sure which form you think I can use. is it LIVING WILL or HEALTH CARE INSTRUCTIONS that stands for what you suggested:Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney, or there should be another form to be drafted? Thank you once again
  4. Thank you Sukie for your answer. Could you please clarify more regarding wills drawn up and also medical powers of attorney.how to do this please? do you suggest or recommend other evidences to include? Thank you
  5. Hi VJ's we are soon going to apply for ROC, and I was wondering if someone can help with advise. the thing is I just got a new job, my previous job was benefits less (no health insurance, or other benefits) my wife was also struggling unemployed just part time jobs. she was under husky insurance I was not under the plan, and she was also benefiting from electric bill assistance program. now I got a new stable job with benefits and added her to my plans and all this things. Financial situation , my wife (petitioner) have problems with credit cards ,she is stubborn although I offer help so she can pay here 10000 she refused and still refusing. we had a bank account but we don't use it, it is not closed, but we could not put money in it and also she does not want to open another joint account because she is always under collection. in the light of this event how we can prove financial situation. she closed all her account, I did open a new account on my name for her so she can have debit card for daily transactions. For the lease, car insurance, health insurance and my benefits she on it and we file taxes jointly, and I managed to help her pay tax debts she had before we get married. she is refusing to Settle with credit card companies and we have no joint cards or saving account together only one checking account. what could be of help in this situation to provide evidences regarding the commingling of the finances? any help please? I mean we manage and we are happy in our life but immigration office look at things differently. Thank you
  6. Hi,can you please re-post this link, i cannot access it thank you
  7. Hello Visajourney community, I am really anxious about this procedures and how to start it,anyway, I got the 2 years green card in July 13 2018 and it has an expiration date of July 13,2020. I really appreciate the help if someone can tell me when I can apply to remove condition? when my 90 days window open ? is it starting from April 13? or is it after july 13 2020 date that i can submit my removal of conditions application? another thing, with this chaos of immigration going on, i have heard i lot of people have been denied entry to united states,my wife (us petitioner)is so worried ,does not let me travel and she is afraid they wont let me in. I want to travel back to my county Algeria, to defend my phd thesis, i am really confused what to do, my due date is one year, i don't want to travel on an expired green card,but if i travel on my still valid green card(I am planning to travel by May /June 2020) and come back 15 days before it will expire , will they let me in? I am also taking into account my job vacation. I don't know what is the wait time to process the removal of condition application?is it 1 year? i am afraid i will be suspended from my PHD studies if i postpone defending my thesis after January 2020,my supervisor did not gave me any glimpse of light concerning that. I am firmly persuaded that my best bet is before my 2 years green card expiration,but my concern is if they really will let me in? or shall I apply for a re-entry permit before I go , and use it when come back? Any advise or referral I will kindly appreciate it thank you
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