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  1. Congrats!!!! I am going 8/28😰

  2. I had my oath ceremony last Friday in Philadelphia. We were a group of 40 people. I'm so happy. I had scheduled in advance an appointment for my US passport for next day, after the ceremony. lol Good luck to everyone!
  3. Hi friends, I had my interview on friday. I answered all civic questions and the officer gave me the congratulations paper and was telling me that I would received the notification with the scheduling of the the oath ceremony.. and then he said, oh wait, we are missing some documents because your case was transferred. and took away the congratulations paper and gave me one of request for evidence. He told me to send the w2's and bank statements of joint accounts. However, my husband and I have separate finances (and have always), we don't have joint accounts even though we fill taxes jointly, and I recently bought a multiunit which we are living in (house hacking), but mortgage and deed is just in my name, so, I sent w2's, tax returns, state ids with the same address, 401k beneficiary information, and the itinerary of our last vacation which was 1 week before the interview. so let's see how this goes. I'm a little bumped.
  4. I received a notice that my interview was scheduled for July 16th. I filled oct 4/2020 in NJ and moved to PA this year. I updated uscis with my new address and my interview appointment is in Philadelphia.
  5. I just received appointment for interview. I filled Oct 4/2020 in NJ, recently moved to PA and updated uscis with my new address (which was a PIA because I could not do it online) Anyways, received my interview appointment for July 16 in Philly Good luck to everyone.
  6. 😧 ohh that is a little bit disappointing. I received it as well and thought that my case was moving.. 😕
  7. yup, I filled Oct 7, and didn't get any news about fingerprints yet. Only thing I noticed is that the online account updated informing that we will need to take the previous test and not the updated version.
  8. I think the only problem is when they add to more than 6 months in less than 1 year. Here is a link with more info: https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-d-chapter-3
  9. I just filled the same date I was able to. (yesterday) 😧 I didn't know that could happen. :S
  10. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices At the end you put your zipcode and find your closest field office which are the ones were people have the interviews for several types of cases. Mine is showing June 2021 (8 months) and showing that background check will take 4 days.
  11. Hello Everyone, I sent my application today and to my surprise I was charged 725 USD. I was expecting to be charged 1100 USD due to the rate increase so I hope that is not a problem, but it was what the system gave me. I submitted: -marriage certificate -my greencard both sides -passport of US citizen (my husband) -driver licenses of both of us -cars insurance -IRS transcripts for the last 3 years married filling jointly -apt lease - just a couple of bills I filled using chrome and apparently didn't have any issues. I hope everything goes smoothly. My closest office is Newark, so I guess I will have the interview there, if I don't move to PA before. Quick question, where are you guys seeing those estimated dates for background check, biometrics and approval? Thanks,
  12. Not true. Also your new greencard will come with 2031 as expiration date, not 2026. Expiration dates on licenses are handled by each state DMV.
  13. Hi Everyone, Today I received the notification that a new card is being produced. I'm so happy. Vermont Center.
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