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  1. To quote our liar in chief president, "It's all a hoax".
  2. Be prepared to explain it. Your work history is spotty because of .......? If your explanation (with supporting documentation) show you were in school and that caused you to have short-term positions 'here & there' it's fine. OTOH if the 'spottiness' is from stints of incarceration or rehab, you have some work to do. Be prepared to explain it and document your explanation. Sell yourself and be creative. As long as you're truthful, you can do it provided your most recent tax transcript meets the minimum. It only takes a year to create a new tax record of sufficient income.
  3. We had 2 RFIE's like that 2018-19. USCIS' vague wording caused us much stress. We had no idea what the problem was and could only improve the quality of our qualification evidence. Beneficiary went & got a PT job to bolster our Income and we're now Interview Ready. Only had the new position a few weeks but it did the trick apparently.
  4. Without a Timeline VJ members are hesitant to reply because we have no idea what your circumstances are. There are many different situations that could cause someone to write what you posted. The Timeline is like an outline that allows people to quickly scan your standing with USCIS. Without specifics no one can provide an intelligent answer. Timeline also eliminates a tedious Q & A for each thread so information can be provided efficiently. Ned
  5. This process takes forever!

  6. The new rule goes into effect on October 15, 2019. Can you apply before then?
  7. It's good to see people completing their AOS near the 1 year mark, especially in the NYC area where we are. We filed in August 2018 but had two RFIE's and only got 'Case Ready for Interview' in mid-June so still waiting. Looks like we may be the last of the August 2018 AOS filers to post in this thread.
  8. I just read the Housing section(s) of the Comment & Response portion of the new rules. It was a long read! It specifically excludes the Home Ownership program available to Housing Choice Voucher ("HCV") holders. Most of the Housing rules appear to focus on Public Housing occupants. I saw no mention of people using HCV in the private housing, rental market. There's a world of a difference. Tenants with HCV who rent from private Landlords have the option to enter the home ownership program anytime (at least in NYC). I suspect that rule will be later clarified/restricted to Public Housing only. By definition, Public Housing requires near-poverty or zero income. No one would live there if they had a choice. The HCV program is the bread and butter of the private housing market in big cities. The new Housing rules are a real 'hatchet job' that have not been thought very well. Moreover, all the AOS applications pending on October 15, 2019 will be determined by the old rules. I suspect USCIS may approve the pending Case Ready AOS applications very fast just to get them out so they can grapple with the new rules. Confusion will reign.
  9. Geowrian, Good point. I foresee problems with this "negative factor" classification because it cannot be applied uniformly. There are so many different ways that a Tenant and/or a Homeowner can receive Section 8. It hard to believe that Homeowner's receipt of Section 8 benefits to pay down their private mortgage held by a private bank, can be deemed a negative factor. That distinction has an 'arbitrary and capricious' sound to it.
  10. Old Post but to anyone who may read it: There are different types of Section 8 programs. Each State administers it's own plan as funded by the Federal Government through HUD. Receiving Section 8 does not mean a person is a public charge. I read this often and it is flat out wrong and untrue. A person can receive Section 8 and successfully sponsor a K1 and AOS. However, there are some States that link their Section 8 programs to Public Housing. These programs are often the basis for the mistaken opinions expressed here on VJ. Not all Section 8 programs are the same.
  11. toocold, so fast your timeline was! We're Case Ready for Interview for last few months. Granted, we had two (2) RFE's but even subtracting those 6 months we have at least a two (2) year wait for interview? How was your AOS so fast?
  12. See: 65 Federal Register p. 49994, August 16, 2000; 8 C.F.R. §213a. Both HUD and the Department of Health and Human Services contended that the term "federal means-tested public benefit" should only apply to mandatory programs. (None of HUD’s programs (Section 8) are mandatory programs.) The Department of Justice found that this was a permissible interpretation of the statute (see Memorandum Opinion for the General Counsel for the Department of Health and Human Services, Proposed Agency Interpretation of "Federal Means-Tested Public Benefits" Under Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, Department of Justice, January 14, 1997).
  13. It's 2019 and now the Trump administration has changed the rules. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/12/politics/legal-immigration-public-charge/index.html I foresee many delays and much confusion as USCIS steps up Trump's Inquisition on foreign born people.
  14. Really old late reply I apologize but we got two (2) RFIE's. It all worked out OK though, "Case ready for Interview" a few weeks ago. Now I understand a 2-3 year wait for NY City area
  15. 284 days after Case Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview Oh Lord ! How can USCIS be so time consuming after all the info they take from us. There's not a day from my life I have not had to account for. What else could they possibly want or learn, our demeanor? I'm in Bronx County, BTW
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