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  1. Yes of course, the question is should the A-number assigned to the person be reused on the refilling?
  2. I have a beneficiary who submitted a 134 with the wrong passport number but they correct passport image. they got a travel authorization with the wrong passport number. so if we refile should I use the same a number?
  3. Has anyone reapplied after sponsor approval? we have received a receipt number, but may expire waiting for passport..
  4. how long as it between the travel auth and expiration date?
  5. so has anyone submitted and receive the receipt but no confirmation. email? any ideas?
  6. we are in desperate need on information to.obtain an.international.passport for ukrainian in warsaw we call the embassy and are.always hung upper not answered please help. hope.can we contact them. how to obtain a passport. thank you
  7. ok clarity sorry. mama has no international passport so can't leave poland we are trying to find a way maybe canada.... my wife and I are all she and I can return but can't leave mama here I. co sponsored with sister in. law for mamas i130. but now she threatens us she will pull support . a little tricky I guess thoughts. money will run out soon.
  8. so my sister in law started to immigration process before then war broke out. mama is not in good health and is 81. I came to poland to help get them out. but mama has no international passport for and sister in law is threating to.pull sponsorship my wife(green card) and mama have no way back to.states. open for suggestions please.
  9. We were married on 11/10/2017. She came on a CR-1 and has a green card and social security card. She arrive here on 5/30/2021. Thank you
  10. My wifes mother in in the hospital in ukraine with COVID and she wants to go there ASAP, what to do?
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