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  1. It just means that NVC is aware that you still have something pending with USCIS and they will wait for the approval before scheduling your appointment with the consulate. Once your Wavier is approved USCIS will let NVC know so they can close your case and schedule your appointment.
  2. I’ve been seeing people from April 2018 getting appointments for December 2018. It’s taking about 6-8 months for an appointment. Hopefully you’ll get your appointment soon for January 2019
  3. It just means that USCIS has informed NVC about your i601a and they will wait until your approval before they process your case and close it before sending it to the embassy for your appointment. You should have received an email already informing you about this. Just call NVC to make sure they have the right email address. It’s an easy fix. You need to have your NVC case number. It is the same number you used when paying the $325 & $120. Here is the number if you need it: 1 (603) 334-0700 Good luck! 🍀
  4. Congratulations! Wow the Consulate in China works faster then the one in Mexico. I wish it would be that fast for us. Looks like my husband still has a few months of waiting before his interview. Congratulations 🎊🍾
  5. From what other people are posting in other forums it looks like it’s a 6 month wait from the time your case closes to getting your appointment. People with cc from April just started receiving appointments for November. When did your case get completed at NVC?
  6. Hello, welcome!! we have not had our interview yet but I think if you ask this question in this other forum there will be more people able to help. Since we all filed this year most of us here haven’t had our interview yet. This other forum is for people who filed in 2017. Hopefully they could give you some advice. Look in the search bar for: 2017 Mexico I-601a waiver processing time. Everyone on there is very nice and helpful. Maybe they can tell you about their experiences. I don’t think your dual citizenship matters much because you are a U.S citizen even if your a naturalized one. I think they look more at how much you need and depend on your husband. How hard is your life going to be if he is gone? How financially straining will it be for you to have to travel to see him and how that will affect your job and life. If you look on this site at the Embassy reviews a lot of people talk about their interviews. That might give you an idea of what they will ask. Good luck 🍀
  7. Yes, he was approved on 8/31. We are just waiting for USCIS to send notice to NVC to let them know he was approved so they can close our case and send it to Juarez. Then, we just wait for his interview appointment.
  8. So sorry but my husband and lawyer filled that out. I don’t remember what they put. My husband is the applicant. Our lawyer gave us a questionnaire to fill out and give back but it didn’t have that question on it. I will see what I can find out for you about that.
  9. https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do sign up for an account with USCIS. Input your case number and it gives you the option of getting email and text alerts.
  10. Congratulations!!!! 🍾 Now on to the next part! Your almost done!!!
  11. If anyone going to Juarez is interested this Facebook group is really great. Everyone has the same questions and post all of their experiences. It has helped me a lot to understand this process and the timelines https://m.facebook.com/groups/1165159646868382 its a closed group so none of your friends will see anything you post or like unless you invite them in. FYI Anything we could do to help each other with information in this crucial time is important. We are all in the same boat right now. Good luck to everyone🍀
  12. Yes, unfortunately. They just scheduled people who were CC(case closed) in April for November appointments. It’s taking USCIS 90 days to send your approval to NVC! We were approved 8/30 and they still haven’t sent it. That’s all we need for them to close our case and send it to Juarez. 😔😞
  13. Once NVC closes your case and sends it to Juarez then it’s about a 6 month wait.
  14. From other groups I am a part of I am seeing that there is about a 6-9 month wait from the time NVC closes your case to scheduling appointments. People with cases closed in April just got there appointments for November. It could be sooner but this is just what I’ve seen from people posting
  15. https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx input your NVC case number and it should tell you what is needed.