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  1. Thank you I really appreciate this for the information and advise ! You gave me more hope and faith to keep going. I will come back if I need a little more guidance, since I joined this website a lot of people have been very helpful.
  2. Yea it’s very accurate…. And he did a very poor job literally my whole life changed in the blink of an eye. I was two years away from graduating college and I had plans to move in with husband. It’s crazy to think that I’m having such a difficult time as it is it scares me to continue. It might sound crazy but from my first experience I feel like I have ptsd it might sound exaggerating but, just thinking that I have to go back one day to the consulate for my interview scares me. Even though I have a clean record and I literally have nothing to hide, it scares me they literally hold my future in their hands. I’m so new to this … if I may ask of course I know you’re not a lawyer but I’m starting to wonder if I’ll need a waiver? and yes please send it….
  3. 1. I enters the US at the age of one and yes it was EWI, she did not cross me with a visa. 2. I was 19 when they married 3. my stepfather was a Permanent Resident when he filed and 5 months before we had our appointment he became a citizen. 4. Yes I had DACA 9 months ago 5. No I did not get Advance parole before I came to my interview. I did not know of it before and the lawyer never mentioned anything about getting it and I didn’t come back because once you cross you automatically lose DACA.
  4. They didn’t even question me at all the day of our appointment . They only asked for my DACA stuff and they never asked for a waiver from me. Everything was directed towards my mom and asked if she has her waiver, but yea she was denied because she crossed me.
  5. It is very cliche to say this but I guess things happen for a reason? But thanks I have meeting with my lawyer tomorrow. my mom had her waiver but, the reason why she got denied is because she crossed me over to the US at the age of one. My mom only got a Penalty of a year. As for me the lawyer didn’t even mention anything about advance parole. Kid you not I just learned about that last week. Also I learned the reason why I was denied was because during this process my step dad was a permanent Resident at the time and a couple months before our appointment he became a citizen and that affected me.
  6. No criminal record no nothing. My case is kind of confusing. I use to live in the US I was a DACA recipient and I had DACA from the age of 17 till I was 23. Never got in trouble just kept going to school to become a Nurse. My step dad petitioned for my mom and I years ago but since the pandemic happen things got delayed. Last year we had our appointment and things took a turn for the worst. My moms lawyer did not do a very good job and he’s the reason why I got denied and why I’m stuck here now in Juarez Mexico. I should’ve never left but things happen. My boyfriend of three years married me and we are here now going through the process. I been here for almost 9 months already.
  7. Thank you all of you for the advice and information I really appreciate it. People don’t notice the anxiety and the depression this process can cause to many people. It’s tough. I will try my best.
  8. Thank you I did see it but I didn’t see any options for the affidavit of absence form. And I hear you imagine my husband and I, we are beyond stressed out and overwhelmed.
  9. That’s what I was thinking before because I know a lot people here in Mexico who had a wedding near the border and their process is going well. I mean if it wasn’t legal I don’t think the state of Texas would’ve approved our wedding.
  10. The phone we used to take pictures of our wedding it shows the exact location,date, time of when our wedding took place it even shows a little map of the exact location we were in. Showing it was near the border. I wonder if that’s good or enough evidence.
  11. I don’t think the minister would have access to that? But if I may ask whats the CBP?
  12. The minister was only in charge of the ceremony near the border and she only signed our marriage license after she performed our marriage ceremony. The affidavit of absent form was given to the county clerk since I could not be there in person to get the license with my husband. Now I need that form. I called the county clerk to see if they had a hold of it but they said they sent out to the state of Texas and I called the state but no luck.
  13. I have a question towards DACA. I had DACA before the age of 18 till I was 23. Unfortunately I had a bad lawyer. I didn’t apply for advance parole before leaving the US with my mom. My step dad was a resident during the process he was helping my mom and I fix papers. My step dad became a citizen during the process and once my mom and I had our appointment we were both denied. My mom was given a Penalty for crossing me over without a visa at the age of One. I was denied because I no longer applied since my step dad became a citizen. Unfortunately I am stuck in Juarez I been here for 8 months now and I got married with my boyfriend and we are now starting our I-130 process. Would I need a waiver ?
  14. Hi if anybody can give advice or any type of Information I would appreciate it. My husband and I got married near the border of Mexico and the US we did a “international bridge marriage”. In order for that to happen I had to fill an affidavit form because I don’t have a VISA to cross over the US. My husband presented this to the county clerk in El Paso for them to give my husband the Marriage license. My husband crossed over back for us to get married. We hired a ministry that does border marriages and we got married and signed and had to wait 72hr to give the marriage license back the county clerk. Everything went smoothly! My lawyer now wants the affidavit form I filled out that basically states I was not present in the county clerk to obtain the marriage license. I’ve called the county clerk and the state and I can not get a hold of this form ! Is there any other way!?!? My lawyer want this form for proof that I did not not cross over to the US to get married (because our marriage license if from El Paso). My lawyer claims without that form it can cause potential issues for me, that the consulate might think I crossed over. My lawyer did give me a second option to re marry through the Civil Registry in Mexico but using a second marriage license seems a little risky to me.
  15. Sorry I should’ve been more specific I already did the process of my marriage near the border but not my lawyer is asking for a copy of the Affidavit form that I signed. Unfortunately i called the county clerk and the state of Texas to see if they have a hold of that document but neither could help.
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