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  1. Oh good I was freaking out and thinking they'd take 30% of whatever he put in the bank which. No. Thanks!!!!
  2. Just got back from PNC bank; they let him create an account with his K-1 visa, and his passport. However, they marked him as a non resident alien, and gave him a W-8 form to sign. Not sure what that's about, but they did let him open an account.
  3. I wonder then if the best option is to call the deferred inspection site closest to me (PHL Airport) and see if they can correct it, then apply for the SSN. I'll give them a ring and see if this is something they can do. If not, I'll try it your way. What would an SSN even be required for before the EAD? I thought it would help him get a license. My landlord already allowed him onto my lease without it, my work said they could put him onto my insurance with a valid marriage license alone and the bank said they'd let him open an account. The only thing we wanted to try and do right away was get him a license, as I cannot drive (Never learned) and thusly probably cannot buy a car or insure it for him to drive on his intl license.
  4. If we do this is the Social security card going to show his official name as StephenDavid? His drivers license ? Or will we get the opoportinity to correct it at the Ssn office for the card?
  5. Hi guys! My fiance arrived in Philadelphia on his K1 yesterday (yaaay!) However, this morning we looked up his i-94 and it has his First name listed as : StephenDavid On every single form we ever filled out, including his passport, and K-1 visa, his first /given name(s) are listed as Stephen David. Is there being no space going to cause issue down the line? Should we go get it corrected and if so how? His point of entry was Dublin, that's a bit of a way's off from Philly.
  6. NearEthereal

    In Administrative Processing for 3 weeks now

  7. It certainly would! The problem is, these sorts of checks can also be security based. It could be that her name (or a relative's name possibly, it's all very nebulous how this works) pinged on a security database somewhere and it's as simple as double checking biometrics to confirm that your fiance isn't the offending party. Does she have a common name? Was there any visa overstays? Most embassies will want to look further into that. If no, then you should just assume they're running routine security and background checks of a nature they cannot divulge, and that if they took the passport they don't expect it to be too much of a time consuming issue. Like I said, It sounds like a 1-3weeker.
  8. I was very nervous going through the same process in London, so I'd like to try and clarify a few things. Please keep in mind all embasseys are different so I can't really say with 100% certainty. The fact that they kept your passport is good. The fact that they did not give you a 221(g) or a 212 is also good (though a 221g in and of itself is not bad, even if there's no request for documents. We got one ourselves). Go over your interview with your fiance and ask yourself the following: 1. Did your fiance live in any other place? Did she need police certificates from these places? 2. Does she have a criminal record of any sort? Even 'crimes' or offenses that are expunged or seemingly minor can be cause for extra investigation (This was my fiance's case, traffic violation in our case.) 3. Does your fiance work in a technological field or as a contracted employee? Sometimes these can trigger a full background check into employment history or a request for a resume. 4. You mentioned a child. Is the child 100% in your fiance's custody or is there a shared custody arrangement? Is there proof of this either way? They may just want to verify this. As others have said above, you should hear back soon. Keep checking the CEAC. When the Immigrant Visa part chances to NonImmigrant, it is a good sign. You may see administrative processing with the last update date moving, or it may stay at the same date for many days. For me and my fiance, it took from the 14th of December to the 20th of december to go from Immigrant to Non Immigrant, and then from the 20th of December to the 8th of Jan to go from NonImmigrant Admin Processing to Issued. Keep in mind there were also holidays in that time period. For you, I would say this sounds like a 1-3 week Admin Processing. Keep in mind that the embassy may be closed for Martin Luther King Jr Day next Monday , and it may cause the process to drag a little bit. Generally, I would only try to contact them again if you've waited >60 days or really need the passport. Good luck!
  9. NearEthereal

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    We're idiots nevermind. We must've skimmed through so fast we thought it was the ID page twice.
  10. NearEthereal

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    Yeah he didn’t notice anything like that just the passport and the do not open packet 😕
  11. NearEthereal

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    Quick dumb question: Once my fiance does get the visa, where in the passport will it be? will it just be a stamp?
  12. My fiance and I began filling out the preliminary AoS paperwork when he last visited (before his interview) just so we could get it out there as soon as we got the marraige certificate. We just are trying to be as prepared as possible and answered the basic questions on the form (Biographical stuff) and left the rest blank for when he gets here next. My question is: Since he got a 221g at his interview technically refusing the visa for further administrative processing but the visa eventually became issued (Never stated refused on CEAC) do we have to answer yes on the "Have you ever been denied a visa" question on the Adjustment of Status form? I've googled this and saw a lot of conflicting info. Some people say yes outright full stop. Others say if the visa was eventually issued with no need to reapply, then you can say No. The instructions on the form say if we answer Yes to any question or answer no and are unsure we can provide Additional information. is the best way to go to answer No, but then mention the 221g in the Additional information section for that question? Thanks!
  13. Heya! Now that our visa has been issued (yay!) We're starting to look into shipping my fiance's belongings over. He has most of his clothes here, but he also has somewhat expensive trade specific tools (tools for working on airframes) that he would like to ship over. I was wondering if anyone knows a good, reasonably priced shipping service for items such as this which cannot easily be checked in as baggage on a flight. Thanks!
  14. NearEthereal

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    Thanks we will definitely wait it's just good to know what whatever they needed to check came back alright!!!!!
  15. NearEthereal

    Refused under 221(g) Administrative Processing

    Issued. I must now go and sob and actually have a full nights sleep.