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  1. We did call the USCIS number last night and ask. The gentleman could only see that our green card was in the mail. He said he felt like the request was sent in error but advised us to call when we could be transferred to a level 2 for a definite answer even still I plan on getting that in writing if possible chances are well just go and have the folks tell us there waste of time but at this point it’s like who cares
  2. To clarify the status on our combo card is “card has been issued” and the status of our Green card is Card Has Been Picked Up By United States Postal Service.....
  3. We've done the biometrics at the beginning of the process, and we got a receipt for both two saying we've done it. We provided this information at our interview. Our green card is literally in the mail. I have the tracking number for it, it's out for delivery scheduled for Monday. If we don't go, will it cancel itself?
  4. So , we've had something odd happen today. We were scheduled for our interview last week and it was approved last Friday. Today, our USCIS status is that the Green card is currently in the mail to its destination (our apartment). our i-765 and i-131 have been set to approved and we received an NOA2 a month ago, but haven't received it in the mail yet (not that it matters). Today, my husband receives a second appointment for biometrics in the mail for 10/4/19 at 3:00PM at the USCIS center in Philly for biometrics screening for two of the three applications (485, 765, no 131).. Is this some sort of joke? Or do we really need to get his biometrics taken again? The gentleman that took our interview already took his prints again. Is there something wrong here? Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. I didn't bring the entire petition and my guy was hardly interested in anything I brought; honestly I feel like he was just humoring us by looking at our trip itineraries and pictures, but I would at least take a copy of the affidavit.
  6. Honestly, he asked us twice at two separate occasions the date of our wedding, asked us where we initially met (Explained that it was playing a game) and not too much else. He asked about the circumstances of a court 'thing' my husband had when he was very young (He hit a car in a car park and didn't notice he hit it and got dinged with Failure to stop and report because someone saw him tap the car), but said it shouldn't be any big deal. He seemed more interested in just letting us talk about the silly quirks of our relationship (The time we got chased by bulls out of a field near a castle, the funny stories we make up watching people in public, our dark sense of humor, etc)
  7. It went well and was very easy; if you're legitimate, can explain yourself well and have all of your documentation I feel like you have nothing to worry about. If I'm honest, the interviewee we had spent as much time with us complaining about the end of Game of Thrones as he did asking us questions before he gave us his verbal approval ("I'm putting in my recommendation for approval".) He looked at all of my documents and pictures, but didn't take any. He had all of our K-1 and AoS stuff there and I feel like he pretty much had his mind made up before we got there.
  8. Today, we had our interview in the Philly office at 9AM. We got there around 8:15 because we don't really know how to properly time things. Got in, they took my husband's interview letter, his passport, and my passport and sent us through the metal detector (Full airport, shoes off). We were sent to the 2nd floor where we were told to sit in front of door number 1 and wait. Our interview time came and went and we were getting antsy because a full hour went by before we were called in. We had a bearded man for our interview who casually told us what happened and why we had to wait so long,. I offered him my binder, and he said he'd take a look and actually gave me back a letter that Steve had written to me that was in our K-1 application. We just had a normal conversation with him, and he asked us the date of our marriage twice through it which we answered the same both times. We told him some silly stories about our relationship and at the end he said that he was putting the case through for Approval and that we'd get the green card in the mail in around 2 weeks. So yay! That was honestly the easiest part; I've heard horror stories about Philly, but it went fine!
  9. Good luck to you too!! I called and had chase do it then asked them to mail a confirmation
  10. 3 days out from the Interview (We were Feb 28th Filers so I'm posting here because close enough) Nervous as hell. I've been reading absolute horror stories from the Philly field office and I'm scared to death that we're going to get someone crotchety. I have a 60 page binder with all the documentation + proof (Lease, Spouse/Dependent on Health Insurance (Medical, RX, Dental, Vision), Beneficiary on Life Insurance, Beneficiary on 403B (Like a 401k for non profits), Joint name on Renter's Insurance, Authorized user on a credit card, pics with family and proof of past and upcoming vacations via itineraries). The big thing I'm afraid of is that we did a Self Uniting/Quaker marraige, which basically means we went into a court room in jeans, signed a form, brought the form to my mom and my aunt, had them sign the form while we stated our legal intent to marry then brought the form back and had it certified. No ceremony, no pictures. We did include an invoice for a venue for the ceremony we plan to have in 2020 which is the soonest we can reasonably expect all of our relatives from around the world to get together in one place... Am I worrying for no reason?
  11. Should I be concerned that ours doesn't even say Case has been Approved or anything? It just says Case Received even though we obviously received the SSN and card and the NOA2 saying to expect the card in the mail shortly. Is this just a website issue we should not concern ourselves with or is something off?
  12. ORRRR We'll just randomly get a SS card, EAD and AP NOA2 in the mail saying our card is on its way while the website still says Case has been Received. k.
  13. 193 Days in counting and no EAD/AP Combo. Filed outside of normal time request > 1 month ago. Talked to Tier 2 Spoke with Congresswoman and Senator, one did not get back to me and the other asked for a disclosure form, which I handed in yesterday. Nothing.... Interview for GC is next Thursday. Should I even bother chasing up this card any further?
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