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  1. Our interview was last Thursday 11/12 at 9:45 we got there :15 min, there were instructions not to get too early otherwise they wouldn't let people in due to the Covid-19 social distancing. Waited almost 2 hours but interview took around :20. All the lady did was to confirm dates and that was it, she said we should get the Card in 2 weeks more or less. Will keep everyone posted, good luck to everyone as well.
  2. Great news, I'm in Miami as well and received interview letter yesterday Oct 3rd. I believe yours is first. If not a problem please keep me posted on how things evolve, hoping everything goes smooth for you guys.
  3. We received the letters on 5/11 and the card arrived 5/15 good luck to everybody else that is waiting. @Letspaintcookies Thanks for your reply.
  4. Today we received 2 letters i-131 Approval Notice i-765 Approval Notice Very happy and excited specially because of this whole COVID-19 issue. Can someone explain to me what are the next steps and if there is any type of timing on those? Thanks before hand.
  5. I received a letter asking to re-submit form i-864. Unfortunately i put my wife's name on page 3 o 4 where i'm supposed to put the sponsor. On the letter they are asking to submit tax income for the latest year. being that we are on Jan 2020 does anybody know if I need to submit taxes for the year 2019 or do you guys think that if I submit the year 2018 taxes should be good enough. Thanks before hand.
  6. My NOA for i-485, i-765 & i-131 was sent on 11/21 and received on 11/25. Now the waiting for the biometrics begins. 😅
  7. I sent the package today, thans a lot to @Lebanese23 for all the help, and everyone else that so kindly answer some of my questions. Now the waiting begins. 🙏
  8. Does anybody have a sample letter of the cover letter they can share? I would really appreciate it.
  9. Is there a place where I can see the correct order of papers I need in order to submit them? Even though my now wife came into the country with the K1 Visa and we got married before the 90 days we have taken some time to do the next step (20 months). Is that ok? I am a US citizen. Or do I need to fill extra forms? Once the papers are filled if I understand the correct address to send them is Chicago? [YES] [NO] I heard somewhere I need to send 3 packages. (i-485-AOS) ( i-765 Employment) (i-131 Travel) is that correct? Thanks in advance.
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