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    Auto Mechantics, Welding, home remodeling and repair, Auto Parts tech., Seamstress, sewing and design, gardening, tatting, crocheting, kinitting, Embroderying, drawing, painting... many many more..etc.

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    We found each other on a marriage site. We have only met for 15 days inside of almost 5 years now. When I went to see him.. it was for marriage. We had tried for a K1-Visa at first. Only because we had not met first.. it was denied. No other reason. After we had met.. and married, I then filed for a K3-Visa. That is where we are at now. He has 2 kids.. I have 2 kids. None between us. We are too old for that part now. We are content with what we have. He also has a daughter that lives separate from him. For now... it is best. Maybe in the future she can come to know me. I have seen her at a distance. If I cannot be allowed to have my family here.. I will relocated to his country. We are that confident of what we want. This is my first marriage. It is his third. He says finial one. lol The president that my country has now... he does not like any people of color.. I have met him before. He is not a good person. Immigration has gotten worse.. too much vetting now. It is making my golden years, most difficult. Yes.. I am that old.. I'm smiling now.

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  1. I have been trying to do this. I no longer have any ‎communication‎ with the guy. I have gotten no replies that the petition has been withdrawn yet. I desperately don't want him to come. I'm afraid of him now.
  2. NVC has not confirmed the withdraw of the petition. I try to call, but cannot connect. No humans working. A recording hangs up on you. I hired an immigration attorney to represent me in this. The guy that I was sending for threatened me in last communication, as well as telling me that I can't stop him from coming. I'm going to try to contact the Embassy. They do not speak English very well. I don't know if they will understand that I want the petition withdrawn. I should not fear him.
  3. I have a problem. Earlier tonight I found out that I am being scammed. I filed a I-130 to bring a man that I thought that I had married. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Found out that any document that he used that he gave for me to upload.. were all faked. I also know that a friend he knows in Atlanta, GA did this for somebody else to come over here. She is a sponsor for one from her same city. Calls him her brother. She got $5,000 payment. She won't talk to me anymore because I found out everything tonight. The man that calls himself my husband.. told be a lot over WhatsApp. Two other people are involved as well. I just want my petition withdrawn and see if he can be barred. I only have copies of the documents used. I made the copies on my computer. I don't have any of the originals. He told me to send all of them back to him. I have no clue on what to do. I had many different people warn me about men from Africa and green card scams. I should have listened. 5 year relationship , all my money gone for sweet words.. up until about two months ago. Tonight was the end of it. He's waiting for an interview. Somebody please help me I still can get bank records of money sent to me for him to come over. I should have known was all lies. I was used.
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