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  1. It’s not that hard to find the punishments from the IRS. He has two options (assuming he doesn’t qualify for “head of household” status): - married filing jointly - married filing separately why does he want to file as single?
  2. As a clarification, while ROC is pending I think that you can still use GE, you just can’t use the kiosks. Instead you have to use the GE card to skip ahead of the line to see an officer.
  3. Yeah, just submit everything. The NVC doesn’t care. It is only the consular officer that will care, and he won’t be seeing them for at least a couple more months. Also, please fill out your timeline. It helps us to know where you are in the process and to have an idea of what country/consulate is involved. In some cases it may impact the answers that you receive (tho not in this case).
  4. No, they will already know what dates he entered and left the us, so they already know. On the ds-260 my husband just put a short statement that the period is up in Xxx YYYY (approximate date) and that he was aware that he must complete the time before he can enter the US. Also, since this is for an IR-1/CR-1, your husband won’t schedule the interview. It will be set by the consulate and the NVC will let you know the date. If you don’t already have the date then there is almost no chance he will interview before the end of January. It sounds like you may not have even submitted all of your documents yet, so you still have to wait for the NVC to review all of those once they are submitted before you are even in the queue for an interview date.
  5. You are fine. As long as you are close then the consular officer will decide if they will go ahead or if they will just hold the passport for a little bit in AP until the period is over. We were in a similar situation. We actually thought the period was already over at the interview but the officer said there was actually another week or two. But they went ahead and approved and issued the visa because there was no way my husband would have been able to enter the US before the time was up anyway (due to time required to issue the visa and return the passport).
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