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  1. AA100, I just checked the Dallas Field Office processing times, and it says that they're working on cases filed by October 14, 2016, which means that you're past your priority date. Like we did, you should contact the office of Senator Cornyn at his Dallas office, and ask them to check for you. (By the way, those processing times are a joke, my wife is a 2016 December filer and already had her interview on March 1st). Senator Cornyn Address: 5001 Spring Valley Rd #1125E, Dallas, TX 75244 Phone: (972) 239-1310
  2. Sorry for the delay in posting our update. My wife finally had her interview for citizenship here in Dallas on March 1st, (which, by the way, was exactly four years after becoming a Green card Holder) and it went through without hiccups. I prepared the package 3 days before, including copies of everything, and asked her to locate certain documents from it, just to be sure that she wouldn't get nervous and failed to recognize anything that they might ask for. The only things that the lady kept (not mentioned in the list that came with the appointment letter) were the 2 passport pictures, lease agreements and tax transcripts, and a single sheet detailing the updates to the Form N400, which the lady was happy to have. My wife was out of there in less than 15 minutes, recommended for approval. The IO said that she could've had the Oath ceremony that same day at same building, about two hours later, but because she was doing a slight name change, that would have to be at a later date in the Dallas Courthouse. She has not received the appointment letter yet, but the next ceremonies here are going to be March 21st, April 18th and May 16th. Thank God, the trip is almost over. Can somebody update her timeline, please? Thanks a lot.
  3. Today, exactly one year after being placed inline for an interview, my wife received the appointment letter for the interview, which is going to be on March 1st in Irving, TX. Finally there's more light than tunnel. Can somebody please update our timeline? Thanks. Bachfan, Congratulations on almost finishing the journey. I have a question for you regarding the oath ceremony. Do you think one week after the interview is normal here in Dallas? We were thinking filing an Infopass to request same-day interview/oath. Is it worth asking for it? Or do you think it might actually delay the whole thing? Congratulations again.
  4. Vicky358, I believe is time for you to go to the office of Senator Cornyn. I did and finally got an update in which my wife was scheduled for her citizenship interview. She is a December 2016 filer, so please don't let them tell you that USCIS' waiting line is a "first come, first served" thing. It is not. You're out of your processing times already. Just do a google search for his office in North Dallas and go talk to his people, like we did. They normally receive a response from USCIS within 10 days. Best of luck!
  5. There's absolutely no need for an attorney. They will only get your money for "checking by email". Just follow the instructions in that letter, and go in there FULLY prepared to pass your interview, that means, have all of your documentation ready (and updated, if anything has changed since you originally filed your application) and be ready to answer correctly those 6 questions. The worst thing that you can do is to believe that the interview is for something else other that your citizenship interview (which may be, by the way, but there's no need to worry unnecessarily). Please do not be misled by the paper in which that letter is printed. If it has a date, time, location and name of an interviewing officer, Please do yourself a favor: relax a little bit and go fully prepared to pass. Best of Luck!
  6. Congratulations! Please bring an updated copy of the N-400 Form, with the new information regarding any changes since last filed, mainly regarding the travel dates, the Interviewing officer normally replaces only that page (I mean they only replace the pages with changes). Also, even if you drove there, is there anything with dates and addresses that you can bring to prove that trip? (gas stations, hotels, food, receipts? credit card statements showing transactions, etc?) Also, maybe they're not needed, but please bring the 2017 W-2 forms, if you haven't filed your tax return just yet.
  7. For the Dallas F.O. filers: Finally something good happened! One year (less one week) of being put inline for an interview, and after numerous unsuccessful attempts to expedite my wife's case, a few minutes ago I received an email, and also a text message saying that her interview has been scheduled, and that we should be waiting for the letter in the mail with the specific date and place. We tried calling Level 1 and Level 2 officers, sent online requests, did InfoPass interviews, and even went to the Senator's office a couple times. Their same old canned answer always was: Dallas Field Office is attending cases according to the Processing Times, but because they keep *slightly* moving that window, you're never out of it. It still says that they're processing Sept. 20, 2016 applications. The USCIS webpage shows that our last request, on Nov 2, to investigate why we never received an answer for our "closed" October 1st request, is STILL "unassigned for review". Anyway, we're Thankful that we're moving again. I think that as soon as we get that letter, we will request an InfoPass again, if only to request a same day ceremony and oath, because there's a chance that she can get a job at my workplace, were she has being working as a contractor, but requires citizenship to work directly with the company. And also because she is making a slight name change, to drop her first and way too common name. This might mean to move the interview from the DFO in Irving to the Courthouse in Dallas. If this works out, she could even apply for passport right the and there! Let's see what happens! For those still waiting, Please hang in there, it seems like the Dallas Field Office is getting up to speed now, not only because of our case, but others that recently have had activity.
  8. Please DO NOT pay them any money to do exactly the same thing that you are doing. I would suggest that you go directly to the office of Senator John Cornyn and go talk to his assistant, they're in North Dallas, 5001 Spring Valley RD, #1125E, Dallas, TX. We did and and they sent a letter to USCIS. Also, we are a 2016 December filers and another person in my group just got schedule his interview.