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  1. My sister , the beneficiary move to a different address in the philippines permanently, who do we notify the NVC and before the added missing items ( police clearance in the philippines ) she was DQ already since MAY 2020 since NVC already has all document ? should we just email NVC ? thanks in advance !
  2. Hi ! i checked my sister NVC website, she is filed by my father that is greencard holder, she was DQ sinced march 2020 but when i checked today , they added documents to be submitted which is police clearance , she just turned 17 this month and i was wondering if she needs the police clearance or the NBI one ? thanks in advance!
  3. My father who is Greencard holder petition my minor sister , I just wondering if we need to do some action because until now we did not received any updates , and the last email received was back on 05/05/2020 . does this mean my sister case is DQ? i understand with the covid situation, everything may be slowed down, does anybody have any situation like this or did you get updates?
  4. So my dad end up with the FE review , but on the message it stated to add my husband as JOINT SPONSOR and not household member
  5. Hi are you using the existing I864 form or new version? I am confused if I am on time and try to understand which is the submission date applied for the Feb 24 deadline the DS-260, I-864(old), and all civil documents by Feb 24. or the DS-260 and I-864(old) only by Feb 24. or the I864 (old) + tax document only by Feb I had to use the version that was available at that time but I believe that there updated one..
  6. @SorrowL me and my husband both us citizen. thank you very much for the reply
  7. @SorrowLso my dad will be I -186a and for me and my husband will each sign the I-1864 A ? thanks!
  8. My father is a greencard holder and petition his minor child (my sister) and my dad lives with me and my husband . my dad income is under poverty level and my income is also under poverty level , however my husband income is most sufficient . i am a little bit confused if i need to sign the I-864 A as well as my husband so that we can combine our income , or just have my husband which is the son in law to just be a joint sponsor? thank you
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