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    At the beginning of August of last year, Mary Ann and I met through the international dating website, Cherry Blossoms. She actually found and messaged me first letting me know that she was interested in learning more about me. I really loved her profile, but I noticed that she was going through a divorce and I was hesitant to enter into a relationship. I was worried I'd fall in love with her and then she'd end up getting back together with her husband. However, by talking to her I realized that her relationship was definitely over. I decided to take a chance and see where things go. We hit it off immediately and became instant friends. We enjoyed talking to each other so much that we left the Cherry Blossoms website and began to Skype every day. We haven't missed talking to each other for even a single day since last August. No matter what we have going on in our lives that are 10,000 miles apart, we always make time for each other. After talking for a couple months, I decided I really wanted to meet her in person. I flew to Asia for the first time during my Thanksgiving break. I have always wanted to go to Singapore, but I didn't know anyone there. Now I got to visit a country I heard so many great things about and spend time with a woman I was falling in love with. After spending the week together, we knew we were perfect for each other. We continued to talk every day after I returned to the United States and once her divorce paperwork was finalized in January, I asked Mary Ann to move to the US and marry me. We submitted our fiance visa application at the beginning of February, but I couldn't stand being apart from her until it was approved. I decided to make another trip back to see her during Spring Break. We had the best time together and continued to fall deeper in love. We are hopeful that her visa will be approved this summer and she will be able to join me in the US where we will marry.

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  1. She still has a Singapore passport so we are guessing she can leave the US with that, but can't reenter. Yes, we told him she needs a US passport to travel. He doesn't want her to be a US citizen. He wants her to only remain a Singapore citizen.
  2. The court document says the father has reasonable access in case he wants to visit the child in the US. Her father said he won't grant permission for her to get a US passport, so we are trying to find a way around needing his permission.
  3. The custody agreement says my wife has sole care, control, and custody of her daughter.
  4. We have not completed this form, but we can try it. We submitted the sole custody from the court, but received a letter saying they still need the father's permission because he is on the child's birth certificate. My wife called the state department to explain the situation, but they said without his permission they can't issue a passport.
  5. Yes, she submitted it with the application, but they said since the dad's name is on her birth certificate we still need his approval.
  6. Yes, we submitted the sole custody document from the court when we applied.
  7. My wife and her daughter became US citizens in April and applied for US passports in May. My wife has sole custody of her daughter, however the state department says that she needs the approval of her ex husband to get her daughter a passport because he is listed on her birth certificate. Her ex is a Singapore citizen and he is not being cooperative. He will not agree to sign the form and give permission for his daughter to get a US passport. The passport website says my wife can get a passport for her daughter without the father's permission if she has sole custody, which she does, but the letter we received said that is not true. Does anyone have advice on how we can get a passport for my daughter without her father's permission?
  8. My wife attended her Citizenship Interview on March 9 and passed her tests. The officer said she can't be granted citizenship until her ROC was approved. The ROC was approved the next day (March 10). What happens now? It has been 17 days and her case online still says "Interview Scheduled" and the estimated case decision time says 11 months. Does that mean it will take 11 months from her interview before they will grant her citizenship? We aren't sure what to do at this point. I guess we just wait.
  9. My wife never received an affidavit about uscis keeping her green card. They just took it and never gave it back. I'm not sure what she'd turn in at her oath ceremony.
  10. My wife attended her citizenship interview last week and passed her tests. She was informed her citizenship can't be approved at that time because her 10 year green card application was still pending. The day after her interview her 10 year green card application was approved. She received a notice of action saying that her 10 year green card application was approved, but that she would not receive a new green card because her citizenship was already approved. When we check her account online and when we call the USCIS phone number her citizenship status does not say approved. They both say her interview was scheduled. Our concern is that she currently has no green card. They kept her 2 year green card at the citizenship interview and the NOA for the 10 year green card says they will not send her one. We haven't received any NOA saying her citizenship is approved and the USCIS website and phone number both say that there is no approval yet. We have no idea what is going on. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation?
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