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  1. It's a moot point now. We have already decided not to delay filing. We had already decided to just do it and accept taking the 2020 version of the test before the change was announced. And now my wife most certainly will end up taking the 2008 test because even if we had filed the day after her 10 year Green Card arrived in January, there's no way she would get an interview before April 21, 2021, as per the note that For December 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021 filers, the applicant can choose to take either the 2008 version or the 2020 version IF the interview is before April 19, 2021. Under the Processing Times page on the main page of this site, it estimates that they are currently processing applications filed in March of 2020, almost 12 months ago. Does anyone think that she could get a naturalization interview within a month and a half, skipping all the others who filed before her? Thank you to everyone that answered.
  2. Thanks for the advice, everyone. We're going ahead with it now. And, a couple of clarifications: I never said my wife wanted to wait 25 years before applying for citizenship. That was my father who did that. He chose to remain a permanent resident for 25 years, until my mother died and he was spending up to 4 or 5 months outside the country a year and suddenly had fewer ties to the United States in case he were to lose his Green Card. Then he applied for citizenship in 2013.
  3. If we decide to wait it certainly wouldn’t be for very long, maybe another month or so. There’s no way my wife wouldn’t want to be able to have a say in the 2022 midterms.
  4. So about three weeks ago my wife’s removal of conditions was approved and she received her 10 year Green Card. Now she is eligible to file for U.S. citizenship on the basis of the three year rule. She entered the United States with her K1 visa on September 30, 2017, we got married November 7, 2017, and since then she’s only been out of the country once for a 10 day trip (not counting the handful of other times we’ve been across the border into Canada for less than 24 hours). The question is whether to file now, or wait to see what the Biden administration does about the more objectionable changes to the Civics Test. Specifically, questions where the answers exclude immigrants. For example, changing the correct answer for “Who do your state senators and representatives serve?” from “all the residents of the state” to “all the citizens of the state.” I know the changes are minor in that regard, but, much as the Constitution makes clear that the Census is to count ALL the people residing in the country, a state’s Congressional leaders are supposed to serve ALL the residents of their state, citizens AND immigrants alike, and the idea that even the immigrants are not included in the answers is EXTREMELY repugnant to me as both the child of an immigrant who chose for 25 years to not get US citizenship and now the spouse of an immigrant as well. So, what do others here think? File now or wait and see?
  5. Update: The reporting sequence was strange. It changed to "New Card Ordered," then "Case Was Approved" the next day, and then "Card Was Mailed to Me" the day after that.
  6. So my wife's receipt number also started with LIN and the status changed similarly to yours. 5/13/2020 fingerprints reused from previous biometrics and then yesterday (1/6/2020) new card has been ordered, with no other updates in between. That happened a lot faster than we expected. Will update further once we get notice card is mailed or we receive it.
  7. Yes, everybody sends their applications to the lockbox in Texas. But that's not the center which processed your file. The "SRC" at the beginning of your case number means the California Service Center, in Sacramento. My wife's case number starts with "LIN," which is the Nebraska Service Center, in Lincoln.
  8. When my father applied for his citizenship after over 30 years of being a Green Card holder I was allowed to serve as his interpreter for the interview and civics test. They had his entire file too and went over everything as if he were still going through the K1 process. At one point the officer showed me his original divorce decree and asked me if it was my father's birth certificate (if he had turned the page he would have seen the translated version), then hunted through the files looking for it. He couldn't find it. So I politely asked for his file, located the Greek government form stating that his original birth certificate was destroyed when the municipal building housing those records was burned down during World War II and that, to the best of their knowledge, he was indeed born "approximately" around the date my father used as his birthdate. The officer was like, "but where is his birth certificate?" I showed him the translated version and said, "it says right here that the original was destroyed in the war." "But they would have issued him a replacement." "This IS the replacement." "OK, whatever." The rest of the interview went fine and my father was approved. He was polite, but he sure didn't seem too bright.
  9. It sounds like you are already in the United States, so you will need to have your vaccination card translated into English, especially if the civil surgeon you are seeing does not know Spanish. For the chicken pox vaccine, since you had it as a child you will not need the vaccine, but the civil surgeon may want proof that you had it. The easiest way to do that is to get a blood test called a Varicella Titer, which looks for antibodies to the virus.
  10. If you send statements from your bank you really should send every single statement. Also, you could probably get away with one or two bank accounts. No need to do all four. People have received RFEs for the missing months in the past. My wife and I sent all the statements from our bank account. Do the same with the credit card. You could probably get by with just one of the credit cards, no need to do all three. For the tax returns, you can just send transcripts from the IRS. You can request those from the IRS website and they usually take about a week to be mailed to you. You don't have to send in the whole return. Each transcript is like two or three pages. The rest of your list looks pretty good. Also, continue to gather the evidence. Save all your water bills and insurance bills and other stuff and continue to do so up to the date of your interview (or you receive the 10 year card if they waive the interview), so that you can bring it with you to the interview in case they ask for it. I'm attaching a picture of the packet we sent to show you how much paper everything was.
  11. No, because the case status would have said that they transferred it to the local field office. It will probably happen later, but that hasn't been done yet.
  12. We have also been notified that my wife's case has been updated to show biometrics taken. They must have reused her fingerprints from when she adjusted status (she came here on a K-1 visa). And our service center is listed as the one in Nebraska. (case number starts with LIN).
  13. My wife’s NOA came in the mail today. It was dated 2/18/2020. Now she can go renew her driver’s license before it expires March 15.
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