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  1. Umair7333


    It means ur paperwork has reached the embassy
  2. https://pk.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visa-inquiries/ Fill out this form and they'll get back to u in 2-3 business days
  3. Did u submit the documents through american express (their approved courier)? If yes, when did u submit your paperwork.. and through which collection center?
  4. Umair7333


    You will need the signature and address of the translator on the English translated Nikkah nama.. but i dont think you'll need it since you got through the USCIS and the NVC without it
  5. If you have paid all the NVC fees already then you don't need to pay anything other than the car shuttle service which is a 1000PKR
  6. Yes congratulations. They're probably ready to print the visa now.
  7. Got the interview date yesterday Alhamdulillah! Case complete : 11/21/18 Interview date : 1/09/18
  8. You have to pay the IV fee which is $325 and after they process your IV fee which usually takes about 2-3 working days then you will be able to access the DS-260
  9. Umair7333


    2-3 working days
  10. Umair7333


  11. My wife hasn't been working from over a year now because she was pregnant and she was visiting me, we had a baby daughter last month and now shes working again. We've got through the USCIS part and we have our NOA2 but now we're worried about the Affidavit of Support because she doesnt make enough to be my sponor and we can't find a Co-sponsor so I just wanted to know if my wife gets employee letters on company letterheads from both her jobs stating that its a permanent job to verify her jobs and income which make over the 125% poverty guide line when u calculate both jobs annually. If this is possible and anyone has any sort of experience on this please let me know.
  12. Not showing your msgs

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      You can email me at umair786.ch@gmail.com

  13. Can you tell me how much take time to approve I 130 and your case in us citizen

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    2. Umair7333


      Well according to the california processing times you should have your NOA2 but its nothing to worry about. I hope you get your approval soon

    3. Ahmerfaiza
    4. Umair7333
  14. Can you tell me how much take time to approve I 130 and your case in us citizen