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  1. Shokra

    Knightsbridge (London) - Nightmare Part 2

    Well, he did need a new medical or the USCIS officer would not have approved our AOS for the green card. As for the additional shots, the civil surgeons RN stated they would give him a TST (TB skin test) - So instead of traveling back and forth over an hour each way for the medical exam and then 3 days later for the TST results. We opted to have that done at our PCP since our insurance would cover it. There is really nothing to dispute or argue here. The matter of fact is, that the USCIS wanted a new medical exam because the one from Knightsbridge was incomplete and we had to do it.
  2. Shokra

    Knightsbridge (London) - Nightmare Part 2

    They can't just fill out 1 section - they have new forms (a lot different then what we had to go through last year). They will not work off another Civil Surgeon's DS 3025 or the I-693. Apparently the DS 3025 is now merged into the I-693. MedCheck Urgent Care - Speedway 1011 West Main Street #140, Speedway, IN 46224 (317) 957-9000 they do it Monday - Friday between 9 am - 3 pm
  3. K-1/AoS (US/UK - LONDON) UKer's be Warned: BCG, Knightsbridge-Bentinck Mansions, Incomplete Medical and Document Errors Many people born outside of the United States have been given a vaccine called Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG). People who were previously vaccinated with BCG may received a TB skin test to test for TB infection. Vaccination with BCG may cause a false-positive reaction to a TB skin test. A positive reaction to a TB skin test may be due to the BCG vaccine itself or due to infection with TB bacteria. This is my second warning about Knightsbridge - Bentinck Mansions (civil surgeon) in London. Although, the appointment ease, examination, courtesy and length of lobby wait time/examination time were all good. Knightsbridge has, now, made 2 - yes TWO - errors on our case that has caused delays, some major complications/inconveniences and additional fees. 1st error (April 2017): £299 Medical Exam fee Although not a horrible delay, but an unnecessary delay and inconvenience. Knightsbridge rings my husband 4 days prior to his interview (1.5 weeks after medical exam). A clinical error occured and he had to come back to London and sign a few documents before the medical would sent to the Embassy. Apparently, they forgot to have my husband sign a couple of documents. No remorse or consideration that my husband lived almost 1.5 hours away and couldn't just hop on over. His interview was in 4 days, and there wasn't enough time to give notice to his employer about the additional time off. He signed them prior to his interview and the civil surgeon took 10 days to get everything to the Embassy. Chest x-ray: Negative (clear) Medical exam: No issues found US Embassy: Approved off to the States! AoS Interview (April 30th 2018): USCIS is unable to complete your case at this time. The vaccination record (DS 3025) was not properly completed. You will have to have Part 8, Vaccination Records completed by a designated civil surgeon. In the case, you must submit Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 of Form I-693. NOTE: We are NOT the first w/ incomplete medical and vaccination forms. We personally know of 3 others from England who experienced the same issue. IMHO - That's 3 to many!!!! RFE issued @ Interview: Submit a complete Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, completed by a USCIS Civil Surgeon. We will not accept photocopied medical exams results. You must submit the original form and any original supplement completed by the Civil Surgeon to us. You and the Civil Surgeon must sign the form and it must be sent to us in a sealed envelope from the Civil Surgeon. We stopped by a civil surgeons office closest to the USCIS office located in downtown Indianapolis. They weren't able to see him and the closest schedule appointment available wasn't until May 15th. She informed us he would need a TB test (which I found odd, but oh well needs to be done right?) We live 1 hour from USCIS and 1.5 hours to the closest Civil Surgeon. (with zero traffic) PCP (May 2018): $30 co-pay plus $95 vaccinations Wellness check up and to make sure NO other Vaccinations could possibly be missing. Received a 2nd Hep A, 1st series of Heb B and TB skin test Test Results: 48-hours later TB Skin test = Positive (sent to ER/Hospital for xray) Hospital Results: $200 medical co-payment PCP: 24-hours later Chest X-ray = Negative (No signs of old or new TB in lungs/chest) PCP Results: will not issue clear TB skin test results until my husband sees a Infectious Disease Specialist The PCP was informed about BCG and how it can cause a False-Positive test result with TB Skin testing. They ignored this and demanded results from the infectious doctor. Earliest appointment for Infectious Doctor: May 29th 2018 (fees: unknown at this time) Everything so far has been submitted to our medical insurance, so we are unaware if there will be additional charges at this time. Today (May 15th 2018): $250 Medical Examination Civil Surgeon Medical Exam - Location: Indianapolis/Speedway Overall, the new medical went fairly well. We have to go back in 3 business days to pick up the sealed envelope to mail to the USCIS. We brought the x-ray final report and images with us and PCP document of Immunization records (with updated vaccines). The civil surgeon took a photo copy of the Knightsbridge doctors forms (I693 & DS 3025). He conducted his own medical exam and blood work. The mistake Knightsbridge has done caused an a LOT of frustration, additional fees, missed time from work (without pay) and travel expenses. Please make sure your vaccination forms are completed properly and toggled as being complete. Do NOT leave there with copies of everything, especially the DS 3025. Triple check that you signed EVERYTHING and have the receptionist show you. Don't just take her/their word for it.
  4. Shokra

    Knightsbridge (London) - Nightmare

    I can't say if it will suffice or not - Our interview was during the terrorist attacks on London (the vehicles running people over, the stabbings, and Grenfell). Security alerts where high and military where on the streets. Not sure if this is why he needed that one particular document or NOT. I called the NVC and request for them to mail it to me because the Embassy stated they would not allow anyone to enter without it. This was a year ago this month, things could have changed. I'll be posting a new thread of our Haunting of Knightsbridge that is still effecting us a year later! LOL
  5. Shokra

    Knightsbridge (London) - Nightmare

    We didn't bring any medical records from his GP, other than a document with his immunization records on it. He didn't have any type of medical/complication history. If you do, then obtain those records from your GP which shouldn't take more than 2 - 4 weeks at most After you have your medical at Knightsbridge, you will only receive Form I-693 (if I remember correctly) that shows the immunizations that you've received and had in the past. All other documents Knightsbridge sends directly to the US Embassy prior to your interview.
  6. With our case/interview, the consular officer kept his passport. Within 2 weeks, his passport and entry documents arrived via carrier
  7. Shokra

    Rfe sent in

    To my understanding - when a caseworker is working on your petition and they come across a section where they need an RFE, your case becomes standstill at that section of the application/documents. They issue the RFE, you comply and send requested documents back, then you receive a notification stating they received your RFE documents and have started working on your case again. At this point, if they come across another section that requires another RFE, they will issue another notification to you.
  8. Frustrated w/ Knightsbridge - Medical (London) Must admit, Knightsbridge has to be the MOST frustrating and stressfull part of our entire K-1 process to date! We have been very precised with dotting our "i's" and crossing our "t's". Every bit of information provided by the US Embassy overview and steps, the medical PDF file in details of who what when and where, etc. have all stated the exact same details of "what to bring". We completed our DS-160, scheduled the medical, paid the visa fees & carrier service, and schedule the interview to be 2 weeks from the medical - HURRAY! It's almost over.... NOT!!!! We received a confirmation email from Knightsbridge with a list of "What to bring to your medical" and there are 3 - 4 items listed that are NOT listed any where in any of the documents we received from the Embassy, neither of their websites, NOR the link provided in the Knightsbridge email. Slamming into Brick Walls here: 6. A Letter/Email from the embassy/NVC to confirm your case number and visa category - Never have we received anything from the NVC - They received our K1 03/20/2017, forwarded to Embassy 03/23/2017, Embassy received 03/27/2017 - Called NVC requesting a document with our details and case # on it. They informed me that NVC does not process K1's but they would put in a request to send me a document w/ NO ETA on how long before its mailed. - Called Knightsbridge they state its mandatory and I can't do the medical without it and to call the Embassy - Called the Embassy, the switchboard operator states: They do not take calls and to submit an online inquiry, turn around reply time is 5 - 10 business days - REPLY time?! His medical exam is scheduled for 04/28/2017 7. Summary of medical history from GP (NOT full medical records) and reports covering any medical conditions, disabilities, and prior serious illnesses you have been treated for or anything ongoing. You may ask your GP for a “Patient Summary”, or access this yourself under “Patient Access”. - The GP is unbelievable - It takes a week between asking anything to get a reply. We have been working on getting them to print out his vaccination records now for over a month. We rang them up today requesting a "Patient Summary" and they state we have to submit it in writing and it will take 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS .... seriously? It's not his entire medical history we informed them of this, its just a 1 page summary. - I rang Knightsbridge back and got the same thing it's mandatory, the exam results will not be sent to the Embassy without it. She also stated it should only take them 24 - 48 hours to generate the "Patient Summary". - Called GP back, submit in writing and wait 2 weeks Seriously - Why!?! Why are these documents being requested when they aren't even on the list from the Embassy and surely WE canNOT be the only ones going through this. I'm about to pull my hair out.... Does anyone have any suggestions?! PLEASE - other than reschedule both the medical and interview Thanks for your time and help Knightsbridge email document requirements: Please follow this link; where you can download a PDF document which outlines the medical, maps, and questionnaire. You are required to bring the following for each person having a medical examination: 1. Passport or UK Driving Licence (photo card not paper licence) We do NOT accept copies of ID 2. 4 X Identical Passport sized photo UK or US style (we will accept UK or US sized photographs) 3. ACRO Police certificate (or a copy) dated within 12 months for anyone 16 years of age & over (if your police certificate is more than a page long please advise Knightsbridge Doctors ahead of your medical as you may need additional time with the Doctor, if you fail to tell us ahead of time you may be asked to come back to go over this for an additional fee). 4. Vaccination records- Please provide a vaccination record for the panel to look over on the day to advise if any further vaccines are needed. 5. Completed medical questionnaire (from the US Embassy link above) must fill out FULL UK address. Please also bring along FULL US intended address 6. A Letter/Email from the embassy/NVC to confirm your case number and visa category 7. Summary of medical history from GP (NOT full medical records) and reports covering any medical conditions, disabilities, and prior serious illnesses you have been treated for or anything ongoing. You may ask your GP for a “Patient Summary”, or access this yourself under “Patient Access”. Please DO NOT email or forward any medical information in prior to your medical, it will not be reviewed before your medical appointment. 8. If you wear glasses or contact lenses please bring them along to the appointment Source(s): US Embassy & Consulates (UK - London) The Medical Examination (PDF) Knightsbridge Doctors