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  1. Hello, great people. My immigration journey has come to an end today, because I'm now a us citizen. I want to thank you all for your help and support, and I wish y'all the very best on your journey. Peace out!
  2. Hi, great people Does anyone know if on the day of oath ceremony at the Los Angeles field office, can someone apply for their passport there or it has to be done at the post office ?
  3. Awww , great! I hope to see there. Mine is at 9.35am Just a clarification, I ask the officer if they do same day oath ceremony and he says this office doesn't do it .
  4. Hi guys, an update. I passed my interview today and I'm scheduled for oath ceremony on March 31st.
  5. I'm happy for you that they finally make a positive move on your case.
  6. Okay, great. Because I have my interview next Friday, and I was hoping that they offer same day oath ceremony.
  7. Hi Dattran, I hope you get a decision soon. I saw that you wrote u were a little bit sad for not having the same day oath. Does Los Angeles field office offer same day oath ceremony? Because I was told by other people that they don't.
  8. Only you alone can attend, unless you have a pending i751 u will have to bring your spouse.
  9. Hi guys, does anyone know if the Los Angeles office offer same day oath ceremony on the day of the interview?
  10. Hi guys, I just received a notification that my interview has been scheduled for March 18th. I'm so happy that this journey soon over with.
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