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  1. Thank you! Yes very frustrating. I wonder how important is thr approval letter? We got i130 approval letter but nothing for i485. Just wondering if not having it will cause any issues for ROC.
  2. Have good news today! I received my GC in the mail with 10/11 date. Still no approval letter, but happy to have my GC on hand!!!!
  3. Went to infopass a couple weeks ago and the officer said my case was still pending. Didn't look like she was very knowledgeable as she didn't even know my combo card was for both EAD and AP. I think I'll just contact my local congressman if nothing happens by first week of January!
  4. Ugh... I485 status has been stuck in "card is being produced" since 10/11 which was the day of our interview. I was finally able to place a SR for non delivery of the card on 12/12, they said I was approved the same day card went into production but never receiver an approval letter or GC! Now they want me to wait 30 more days for GC and submit a form to receive a copy of approval letter (with a $475 filling fee)!!!
  5. Bad news here... card has been "in production" since October 11 (our interview date). Had an infopass appt today and the officer said we haven't been approved yet and must've been a system glitch. Her side showed I485 still under review
  6. Anyone experienced getting "new card is being produced" for I485 update online but no approval letter and no card mailed for over 3 weeks? Starting to get worried.
  7. I'm finally able to post on the thread again... VJ wasn't letting me add a reply! We had our interview on october 11th and it went well but no decision on the spot... October 16th: approval letter for I130 October 17th: app updated I130 approved and I485 new card is being produced (with October 11 dates) Card still hasn't been mailed even though it has been in production for 12 days... I called and they said production could take up to 60 days!!! Ugh
  8. I am thinking maybe it could be releated to my birth certificate translation? I translated it myself and didn't have it certified. Anyone has tips on this? Thinking of getting certified translation with one of these online companies.
  9. Yeah it was in the mail today, so I saw it came from USCIS local office. The letter is addressed to me (applicant) and is asking me to bring my identification and bona fide marriage evidence to the interview... basically the same stuff that was on the interview notice?! I don't get it. Maybe the local office received my file with missing info... I sent all of that in the original package.
  10. Just saw on my informed delivery that my local office sent a letter today. My interview is in 5 days. Any idea of what it could be???
  11. Congratulations!!!! 🎊 Thanks for the heads up. We'll park somewhere else.
  12. Oh cool! I see your interview is tomorrow. Good luck and please let me know how it goes. Ours is on Oct. 11.
  13. They are referring to the applicant only, right? Not the USC?
  14. When you got your interview notice, did you receive a second page with instructions on what to bring if you were ever arrested?