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  1. Congrats! Technically it was longer - my interview was the Tuesday morning and it was approved later that day (changed to "card in production"). That Friday (3 days later) my status changed to card was mailed to you, but it wasn't until the Monday (so approx 1 week later) that USPS actually had it and it was on it's way to me. I think "card was mailed" means it's in a pile of cards on their way to USPS or something similar. After the USPS picked it up on the Monday, it arrived Wednesday (so only two days realistically after it was actually mailed). 8 days total after the interview It will show up as a package in informed delivery (and my status had the tracking number later on the Monday too :))
  2. Congrats zeal!!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽ‰
  3. It's ok I way overthink everything too! I actually had to confirm this at the DMV as they often aren't aware of their own policies so don't feel bad! It's correct though. Ahhhhhh congrats! I just replied to your DM. I would focus on photos with both of you AND other people (friends/family) as they're mainly interested in that. All they took from us was a copy of a photo book from our holiday with my husband's parents. A bunch of photos of just the couple is usually not very important Also make sure to label and date the photos (who is in it, at least the month/year, ideally the location even if it's just city/state or eg. a theme park or someone's home or something) I just put post it's with that info on each photo and the phonebook had captions and info in it so it was already done haha.
  4. Mine was mailed! It took three days for future reference for anyone 😊
  5. @purple-rose From the CA DMV site: Proof of Identity documents include: Valid/unexpired Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card (I-766) or valid/expired EAD Card with Notice of Action (I-797 C).
  6. Thank you so much! I honestly really recommend contacting your congressman - it took ours a week or so to contact USCIS but one hour after they did, USCIS scheduled our interview. We would still be waiting if we hadn't. You have waited so long already, they should definitely help you out. It's totally free and they are so friendly and willing to help (I think because elections are coming up). Our lawyer also told us our case "would be adjudicated by September 2019" when I asked, before contacting our congressman, and I was like ok, that's absolutely ridiculous. Lawyers are saying that because they can't do anything to change it. I filed my EAD renewal in June and got the receipt around the same time but also didn't get it (obviously it doesn't matter but just for reference). I did change my address at the DMV and asked them how to renew my license if I didn't receive my Greencard before the renewal - they said to bring the expired EAD card and the I-797 notice of the pending EAD renewal (and probably the I-797 notice for I-485 and I-130 just to be safe) and they would renew it with that. You also won't have to take the exams again. My license expired with my O1 and I couldn't renew it until I got my first EAD last year in 2017. They just renewed it, no tests or anything. I think the DMV has become more informed on immigration now with so many people being delayed so long and having issues. Hope that helps!
  7. @izavox How long did it take between your status going from Card is being produced to card has been mailed? πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»
  8. Yes definitely make sure the applicant (immigrant) is the person contacting them and filling out the forms. When we did it they said it had to be the applicant for them to legally contact USCIS Good luck!
  9. Thank you @Zeal and thank you so much for sharing your interview yesterday! It was so helpful. Hoping yours is approved very soon!!! You have waited so long Thank you!! We contacted our congressman at about 11 months and 3 weeks (just before 12 months). There's no set time on when to contact them but I think a year is a good time. 100% free - our taxes pay their salary
  10. It was just approved! My status just changed to new card is being produced. OMGGGGGGGG😭
  11. I'm not sure, I'm sorry! I just googled it. I would call up both and ask
  12. Interview Experience! Our appointment time was 6.45am and we arrived at 5.50am. The building was still closed and nobody was there haha. Around 6am a few other people started to line up with us, and by 6.30am, when they opened, there was a long line of people. We were first to check in inside but didn't get called for another 30 minutes or so after that, shortly after 7am. We were both feeling nauseous and shaky with nerves but once we went in the room it was much better. Our interviewer was a lovely woman who had us take the oath, took my photo and fingerprints, and asked us some basic and very random questions, including: - (To each of us individually) How many times have you been married? (Both just to each other) - How did you meet? (We began explaining the whole story and she interrupted (politely) to ask what date we met in person? She didn't seem that interested in our (what I think is quite entertaining) story of how we found each other haha) - What date did you get married? (She asked us several times) - Did you have a wedding? (Yes) What date was your wedding? (Same as our marriage date obviously haha) - no other questions about our wedding although I pointed out our wedding photos were in our original packet - What is your address? (I had updated it with USCIS when we moved but she copied it off our drivers licenses anyway) - (To my husband, the USC) - Where did your wife live before moving in with you? (He couldn't remember the exact address as I had hopped between different pet sitting gigs monthly for a year before moving in but she didn't seem to mind that he was going through a few places he remembered me living in that year) - (To my husband, the USC) - What is your wife's mum's first name and dad's first name? (He told her and explained he's met my mum on Skype as she lives in Australia but not my dad as I'm estranged from my dad) - (To my husband, the USC) - Where does your wife's dad live? (To which he repeated we aren't in contact with him, and he didn't know and neither did I other than the city I presume he still lives in) - (To me, the immigrant) - When did you first enter the country, last enter the country and how many times have you entered? (She copied some of the dates out of my passport from the stamps.) -> as I last entered on an F1, although I had since adjusted to an O1 (which I adjusted to AOS from), she asked where I studied and if I had graduated. I said yes, explained the course, and she asked if I had proof I had graduated. I couldn't believe it. I had prepared literally 1000 documents and she asked for the one thing I didn't have with me. I said I have a certificate from graduating but I didn't have it on me. She seemed perfectly fine with that. - (To me, the immigrant) - Are you working and where? I said yes and gave her my updated list of employment with current employment addresses and dates highlighted, which she copied down and gave back to me. - (To my husband, the USC) - Are you working and where? He also said yes and gave her the name of his company (which was in our original application anyway) - She asked us for our current lease, joint bank statements (she also took photocopies of the debit cards from our joint account), joint tax return, my updated medical (old one expired), some photos (she just took a print out of our photo book from a trip we took to Hawaii with my husband's parents). I think that was all the documents. She said we had sent a lot of documents initially so she didn't want to take too many extra. She also asked to look at our original birth certificates, passports, drivers licenses and marriage certificate for both of us. She may have asked a couple of other questions. I honestly had one hour of sleep and was so nervous I don't remember. But she seemed happy, and approved our I-130, said several times that it was clear our marriage was real or genuine (I don't remember her exact wording), then said she had to finish a background check which she would try to do today but otherwise she'd do tomorrow, and then she could approve the I-485. She also got handed a bunch of new files in the middle of our interview by another officer and had a bunch of files taken out, so I think her day got turned a bit upside down and she said she might not be able to get to it today. She asked if we had any questions and I just asked what's next and how long would it all take? She briefly explained ROC and the background check thing. Then walked us out, photocopying my passports (expired and current) and my driver's license on the way. She also took my I-94 out of my passport - I've heard that's a good sign? Is that right? She was very friendly, and while she was professional, it was very conversational and relaxed, and she seemed super pleased with us and that was it. My status for both I-485 and I-130 updated to "Interview was completed and case must be reviewed" right after we left at 8am. I know she said she just needed to do background check and it would be today or tomorrow (at this point I'm assuming tomorrow) and it was all fine but I'm still a bit anxious waiting for approval! Hope this helps anyone with their interview! My main advice would be, if you have ever been on an F1 here - bring proof that you graduated! Hahaha.
  13. Thank you so much! Sounds like it went great! Congrats! Hopefully ours goes just as smooth 😊
  14. Good luck for your interview tomorrow @Zeal!!! If you have a chance to share your experience with us after, I would be forever grateful as mine is the following morning (Tuesday) and I'm very nervous! But of course no worries at all if you aren't able to - I know it will be a big day! Hoping it all goes smoothly for you