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  1. You can’t apply for citizenship N-400 until you have both been married 3 years and a permanent resident for three years. They will reject concurrent N-400 on grounds of this. You can apply for N-400 once you meet citizenship criteria with a pending I-751 but not before! If you already knew this and I misunderstood your pose then my apologies!
  2. Most people in the June filing group got their extension letter in the mail within 11 calendar days of delivery of package
  3. And already today received text receipt for case number, EAC (Vermont Service Center). Hopefully everyone else moves quickly!
  4. Yes, using form G-1450 Authorization for Credit Card Transactions 🙂 Seems they charge cards a little faster than cashing checks. It ends up being a sheet you put on the very top of your application.
  5. Credit card charged today, only picked up from post office yesterday.
  6. Package tracking states delivered to Dallas 7/9/19 at 0521 and signed for by J. Gertrudis...at least I can rest easy it didn't get lost in the mail! Now the long wait begins...
  7. Just a note -- I have been going through other months' threads to see how this process pans out, and wishing I had done that BEFORE sending mine in. From what I can see, most folks do NOT receive RFE, but those who do, some are for not showing proof of long-term financial comingling despite having joint leases, mortgages, cars, etc. Those are folks who only submitted 1-2 months worth of bank account statements or credit card statements showing joint finances. (We sent the most recent 3 months of credit card and joint checking...now I'm wishing we had sent all 24 months worth, trees & forests be damned.) So just word to the wise, if you haven't sent in yet --- when in doubt, just send in copies of statements for every single month from time of opening joint bank account (and/or joint credit card) to now.
  8. Submitted ours today! We could have been June filers, but a delay in getting affidavits from friends and also lack of having fasteners in the appropriate size meant we were delayed to today! We sent Express USPS ($$$ yikes) to Dallas so that it will be there Monday 7/8 but I know that that won't matter in the long run in terms of how long it takes to process the application!
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