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  1. Today my wife was checking the USICS app for cases status update on the approx 500 cases surrounding our case number, and had the pleasant surprise of discovering her case had been approved! We are delighted and will be stalking the mail box until her new green card arrives. Our timeline is below. Good luck to everyone else still waiting! For anyone curious, we were EAC (Vermont) and case number EAC1990118*** 07/06/19 - Mailed I-751 07/08/19 - Application received by USCIS 07/10/19 - Credit card charged, NOA-1 dated 07/11/19 - Text receipt received, EAC (Vermont) 7/13/19 - Received NOA/extension letter in mail 08/03/19 - Biometrics letter received 08/14/19 - Biometrics appointment completed 08/26/19 - Case status updated to “Fingerprint Review Completed” 05/20/20 - Case status updated to "New Card is in Production"
  2. The publicly posted wait times from USCIS are almost always longer - by a long shot - than actual wait times, which vary from center to enter
  3. At this point I wish there were separate threads for different service centers! They all process at different speeds and different ways of doing things. All the Vermont filers like us got biometrics appointment within 6-8 weeks of submission and are now on 175+ days since hearing anything. Other centers are getting biometrics 3 months ago; others now. For any other Vermont filers on here, from what I can see Jan-Feb filers are getting their cards now 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Vermont July 19 filer here. I’ve been following this and other threads from similar months to ours. Some service centers are moving more quickly (mostly the national benefits center) - but no Vermont filers from July 2019 have had a notification about an interview yet.
  5. I think this same case update has happened to a lot of people, including my wife's case, from what I can see across VisaJourney and other immigration tracking forum websites. I can't find anything from USCIS on it and I don't think anyone knows what it means at this time, though I have seen a million posts speculating.
  6. This has happened to a lot of people over last week/weekend that I can see across VisaJourney, I m m i help, Trackitt, etc - my wife's case included - and right now I don't think anyone knows what it means. Edited to add: I spelled I m m i help with spaces and VJ removed the wording from the body of the post, edited to change it so the post said what I intended it to say.
  7. My wife and are I are the same: We did K-1 --> AOS --> pending ROC and plan to do Citizenship without an attorney, with the caveat that when I was very new to this and applying for the K-1, I put together the entire application and paid an attorney for 30 minutes of his time to look over my application and make edits and suggestions. At the time when I was new to this, that was worth the $140 or so that I paid for that. Having gotten confidence with that, we felt very good about not hiring an attorney for AOS and it went off without a hitch. Good luck to you!
  8. Just an update to overall topic. Flew with my wife back into the US (JFK) from Grand Cayman on "expired" conditional GC with extension letter, our first time flying on the extension letter. The gate attendant in Grand Cayman looked at the letter, no questions asked, and gave us boarding passes. We were not able to go through the automated passport/GC scanning machines on entry into US and did have to wait in the manual-processing line, but the officer who processed us was definitely knowledgable, asked almost no questions, took fingerprints from all fingers on both hands, took a photo, and got us through immigration in under 5 minutes. Easy peasey!
  9. If you look at May 2019 and April 2019 filers threads, these updates are showing a lot of people with LIN (Nebraska) case numbers just now getting biometrics. And since April/May was 5-6 months ago, my best guess it that IF you need biometrics, which many LIN filers do not end up needing, you'll get a notification sometime around March-April of 2020.
  10. Which service center processed your application? Also, congratulations!!!!
  11. Sorry, in the above text I also meant to quote this post!
  12. Additionally, many people find that the old USCIS website (the one pictured in your original post) and USCIS case tracker app do not work to track their case until after biometrics are completed and sometimes not even then. My wife has completed her biometrics now 3 days ago and still she cannot use that website to track her case. However, when she logs into the new website, she is able to track case status. So it may be simply that. Old site: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do New site: https://my.uscis.gov/
  13. All of us have sent the applications to AZ or TX. All of the applications get forwarded to a service center, which is reflected on your extension letter. Mine, for example, is at “EAC” which is the Vermont service center. Others are MSC (national benefits center), LIN (Nebraska), etc.
  14. Biometrics completed today! Of note, our application service center had a giant sign on the door indicating that they no longer accept early walk in appointments (this location was Lawrence MA). Hopefully this is just at an isolated location!
  15. On the biometrics form, there is a Request for Rescheduling section, on which you check off "Please Reschedule My Appointment", then mail the original letter (keep copy for yourself) to an address in Virginia listed on the letter. There is also a phone number listed, but I haven't found anything stating that you can reschedule with that phone number. Many people also have done walk-in appointments with their letter, GC and extension letter, passport etc in hand and complete biometrics early if they will be away during the scheduled time period with no problem.
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