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  1. We have on AOS interview coming up. What I’m really confused about is the paper we got says to bring a whole list of things we already turned in. Do they want us to bring everything again? Also do they want copies or originals? PLEASE HELP THANK YOU
  2. Thank you so much i'll have to look into our file and see if this idiot lawyer did send that
  3. Ok i'll have to look at all my paperwork. I just looked at his work permit and says not for re entry. Is that something that comes around the same time as the work permit if applied for it? Is that a normal application to be filed with the adjustment of status? Sorry for all these questions. Our lawyer got disbarred during all this and we have knowone to help us now or ask questions.
  4. is that something you gotta apply for seperatly or is that with the adjustment of status application?
  5. Does anyone know how and if it's possible to return to your home country while waiting on adjustment of status. My husband from Canada has an emergency medical situation with his son in Canada. How can he go there without them keeping him and not letting him return while we are awaiting his adjustment of status. Is he allowed to? Will they not let him return. Is there something he needs to do before? Please help, I feel horrible he's not able to rush over to be there for his son in this time of need. Thank You
  6. Just got an update saying we mailed your new card for your form I-765 what does that mean?
  7. That is great info Moslund, I will look into that. We're also having a problem with taxes to cause i filed an extension tell Oct thinking we would have his ss by now and we just got a letter from USCIS saying they needed my 1040 form or I would have to find a co-sponser I quess my w2 forms didnt work for them. Waited 6 months to get that response. UGHHH... this is so frusterating
  8. Thats crazy we never knew he could get his ss right after entry. Well our dumb lawyer nerver told us that, but thats another story.
  9. Can someone please help. What do you all do for medical insurance when you come over on a k1, get married, and then waiting on the AOS?? I had my husband on my plan and they just cut him off cause I had told them in the beginning of the year we would have a social security card real soon and they said call us when he does. Well it's been 8 months and still nothing so they cut him off. Ive sent all kinds of proof in that were waiting on all this but it's not acceptable. Also I see some on here say you can come right over and get a ss card, I'm really confused.PLEASE HELP
  10. Hello we are waiting on hearing something on our i-130 adjustment of status. Two days ago was 180 days, which was when they told us to call back and they could give us info then. Well I called and now they said they have to put in an inquiry that could take 30 days and call back after 30 and if nothing they will start the 30 days again with another inquiry. What my question is, is if anyone knows how to look up the processing times for this? When i input that in it only comes up four different servive centers, none which are MSC. Even the 800 number couldnt tell me. VERY FRUSTERATING!!!!! Anyone that could help please. THANK YOU
  11. how do you know which city their processing your paperwork thru?
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