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  1. Some April 2020 transferred cases were approved last week. I’ve been checking the “Search” cases feature on the Case Tracker app everyday. Mine is still pending. 70 days since transferred to NBC. 🤞🏼
  2. Yup, that’s what I did. 😁 my package was 2 inches thick, bulk was from 2.5 years of bank statements, 2 years of joint gas bill & 1.5 years of mobile family plan bill.
  3. I keep on searching on the Case Tracker app and saw 2 ROC cases that were approved recently. I think both got transferred to NBC. But the case #s are after mine. I filed April 2020. I don’t know how they “process” applications. Is it random? Congratulations to them though. 👍🏼🎉
  4. Same. I’m eligible to file for N-400 this coming April. Will also wait for ROC to be approved first 🤞🏼
  5. No, I have not filed for Citizenship. I will wait until my ROC is approved. I’m eligible to apply this coming April. Hoping you receive updates/good news soon! 🤞🏼🍀
  6. Received notice in the mail today. Case transferred to NBC. April 2020 filer 09/30/20 old fingerprints were applied 12/30/20 case transferred Good luck to us all! 🤞🏼
  7. Received updates on my ROC application as well. AOS from VWP, had interview, approved July 2018. April 2020 filer, assigned to WAC. Old biometrics were applied to ROC case on 09/30/2020. Yesterday and today's updates were case transferred to a new USCIS office and has jurisdiction. We signed up for USPS Informed Delivery so we'll know when the notices will be delivered to our current address. Good luck to us all! Happy New Year! 😄
  8. Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery service, super quick & easy. And it’s free. Been using it since I applied for AOS. You’ll know which mail will be delivered to your address on a specific day. Even packages will be automatically tracked & added to your account. It really helps especially any notifications from the USCIS. We don’t have kids but planning in the near future. 😊
  9. Woke up today to see that old fingerprints was applied to my case. Yey! Progress! 👍🏼👍🏼 Timeline: PD 04/16/2020, WAC Fingerprints applied 9/30/2020
  10. I saw a post from one of the ROC groups on FB. WAC ROC overseas filer, June 2020. Got approved yesterday. 🤯 As for me, no update since case was received April 2020.
  11. WAC filer too, April 2020. No update since case was received. I hope we receive any kind of update soon. 🤞 I saw a post from FB ROC group. She's an overseas filer, WAC June 2020. Got approved yesterday. 🤯
  12. Last year, I submitted the AR-11 form online, got a confirmation # afterwards. USCIS sent my notice to file form I-751 to my old address even though I changed my address as per above. The notice date was 3/18/20. Good thing we had signed up for USPS Informed Delivery mail forwarding service. I received the notice on 4/6/20, the day my ROC window opens. Submitted my package on 4/11. NOA received on 4/20, now sent to current address. When filling up info on the form, I answered YES to Question #22 and included our old address on Part 11, Additional Information.
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