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  1. One more thing. If your fiance is a Japanese national the decision about sponsorship will largely be made at NVC - if you meet the requirements. At her visa interview the consulate in Tokyo asked my wife only a single question. Looking at the consulate reviews on this website that seems to be fairly typical.
  2. Do you have any liquid assets? My income is also Japan-dependent (so US adjusted gross income is 0) but I had enough equities and cash savings to make up for it. If not then you'll probably need to use a co-sponsor. The gold standard for immigration information is the government's own documentation. It sounds like your mother's income is insufficient but may be possible to co-sponsor if her assets are combined: https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-processes-and-procedures/affidavit-of-support 頑張って!
  3. Do you have your gensenchoshuhyo? You could file it with a translation. (My understanding was that foreign income couldn't be claimed on the I-864 but maybe that's only when you're filing from overseas.) It's impossible to predict what NVC will do but November seems like a push. The Tokyo embassy is scheduling appointments 1+ months out (we applied on August 14 and got an interview date of September 24). You'd need to get NVC approved ASAP and no delay in case transfer.
  4. By the way, even if you could get into Japan I'm not sure if you could get married on just a passport. It's simple to get married here but usually requires a kosekitohon which you wouldn't get until *after* you have a visa and register at a city/ward office. Just checked the local ward office home page and all they say is to consult with the marriage desk. Ultimately doing it that way might end up being a lot more problematic than going with CR-1 or K-1
  5. There will be a lot of red tape and mandatory quarantine but Japanese citizens can travel outside of Japan and return. Your partner could come visit you in the US, get married, then fly back to Japan while you start the CR-1 process. That will take longer than a year though: K-1 is probably still the quickest route.
  6. You can't get a spouse visa for Japan if you aren't already married, and won't be allowed entry on a tourist visa to get married. http://www.moj.go.jp/isa/content/001347332.pdf
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