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  1. @milan90Online status showed that they received the RFE on Nov 3rd. So it has been about 2 weeks. Thank you!!
  2. They responded my RFE answer and I got the good news!! Nov 16th my online status has changed to card being produced and on Nov 17th it changed to case was approved. Didn't get the card yet.
  3. Basically everything possible, everything that I sent them already. When you're reading the RFE, it's going to tell you what you sent them already and the next page it's going to ask the same things and in the last page of it it's going to say do not send the copies of the documents you submitted before. So it's not fun unfortunately, I'm sorry you got one too.
  4. I sent my RFE back on Thursday 29th. But I didn't use the envelope they sent, I tape it on top of the bigger one. Fingers crossed!
  5. @Ansbekklet us know when you get your card in hand please.
  6. @onthejourney1 are you going to use bigger envelope than what they sent for RFE? Guys the envelope they sent is too small for the evidence we're going to send. Do you think I can send everything with bigger envelope and tape the small one(the one they sent) on top of the bigger one I'm gonna use? Need some advice. Thank you!
  7. I'm going to send 2017 and 2019 tax transcript and 4 affidavits from third-party. Also even if it says don't send the same documents listed in RFE I'm going to add 2 pics from 2017, 2 pics from 2018, 2 from 2019 and 3 from 2020. I'm gonna try to show them we're together since 2017 instead of sending most recent documents.
  8. Wow, really shocking because I'm having the same problem like you. We have sent everything but we got RFE. I'm so mad about it because we also sent more documents than applying for conditional residency. If I show the documents we sent to uscis to regular American married couple I'm sure they would say that don't have that many things shared in between. The things they're asking on RFE are what we sent already plus they are saying that don't send the same documents. Really trying hard to find extra documentation that we didn't submit already.
  9. Hi visa journey community; I have read the topics about what I'm about to ask now but they were little old and I wanted to have suggestions for 2020. So we got a RFE for our I-751 Removing Condition on Residency and the enclosed envelope we got is way too small for the evidences they are asking for. We got them all ready but since it says that use the envelope we sent with the RFE, we don't know if it's going to be okay to send everything with a bigger a4 sized envelope and basically tape the small sized envelope(the one they sent) on top of the bigger one? If you send your RFE like this, did it work, they accepted it? Thank you!!
  10. Thank you for your answer @Ansbekk! Yes we have been filling taxes jointly since the marriage. We are definitely gonna add 2017 and 2019 tax transcripts from IRS. Also planning on getting some letters probably about 4 different friends of us saying how they met us etc. We live together but not sharing the lease, we sent copies of our driving licenses showing same address on them. We'll add some more pictures too. They sent envelope that we gonna use to send our evidences, it's really small that we'll even have to trim the pictures to fit in. With the tax documents, pictures, affidavits from third-partys, RFE papers itself means a lot to put in that envelope 🙂
  11. HI everyone, we got an RFE today in the mail from Nebraska Service Center. I don't know what to do because it says on the paper that ""you provided the following evidence that the marriage was entered in good faith; 2018 tax documents, driver licenses, health insurance, bank document and photographs."" and it says that don't send the same proofs again with RFE. Well I don't really know what else I missed. We don't have child unfortunately. I send the envelope last November so 2018 tax document was most recent. Now I can add 2019 tax document which we always file jointly and 2017 too maybe. Affidavits from third parties that says about our marriage another thing I'm gonna do but what else since it says ""please do not send copies of documents previously submitted."" I'm confused.
  12. Omg! That's great news. Hopefully mine will be approved soon too! Congratulations. I can't wait.
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