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  1. Next flight from SVO-JFK is June 7th. I called Aeroflot couple of days ago, and they said as long as you can book the flight (and you can on their website at this moment), then you should be good to go.
  2. All up to the government. So far I did not hear any news on reopening borders.
  3. Currently borders are closed for entry, so no word on when they will reopen.
  4. To anyone with current visas who are eligible to enter US, Aeroflot does some flights from Moscow to New York. Next flight is scheduled for May 30th, you can book the ticket on their website. Hope this helps!
  5. Great find! Seems like out of those initial cities only AUS works as a transit to US, since can't go through Europe
  6. OK thank you for that clarification. So that is based on US orders and wouldn't matter if Europe eased restrictions then. I assume anyone in Europe outside the countries listed in the ban have to go through somewhere like Turkey
  7. So for example IR5 visa holder can transit through under the exception rule?
  8. Great and up-to-date website. Exactly what we needed. Thank you! Seems most Euro countries say no one can enter. But does transit (simply changing planes @ airport) count as "entering" ?
  9. But isn't travel from schengen area banned right now? Or it doesn't apply to visa holders?
  10. I see sporadic comments about which airlines still fly (or play to re-open flights soon) to the US or which countries are allowed to travel from (even transit). Has there been a thread to track all that information? Would probably be helpful to all who are trying to get to the US during this travel ban.
  11. Whats the best way to enter US right now given travel suspended from Europe and Asia?
  12. So if it's regarding new visas - I assume those who already got their visas but have not entered US yet, should still be fine, yes?
  13. They need to take your photo for n400 - I don't think photo was required for 751?
  14. Can confirm. On my.uscis.gov site. Shows October 2020 estimated completion (6 months)
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