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  1. As recent trend shows, most LIN cases are approved without the interview.
  2. Pretty sure just you - while I was able to click on the version history, it didn't show me anything - was just blank. Plus it's best to have just one owner, otherwise things could go haywire haha
  3. Could you please restore a version from this morning? Someone messed it up as it stands right now.
  4. Indeed a biometrics appointment! Scheduled for Oct 17th.
  5. USPS informed delivery - show all mail coming to your address daily once you sign up.
  6. Got a letter coming in the mail today.. Hoping its for biometrics! Would fall in line with other LIN filers with K1 visa.
  7. Parent has been coming every year for the last 10+ years, and never had to prove much except stating they are coming to see family and staying for 2-3 months. Another issue is language barrier, which would be disastrous in case something happened I guess main question is how big of an effect approved i-130 has on b2. From my understanding, i-130 is indefinite, so not real timeframes to pursue it as long as pay annual fees for it.
  8. Here the B visa is already present, so the consulate is not involved, just the POE officer's decision, which shouldn't be any different than any other entry?
  9. Thank you for the answers. Since the case is still 'en route' to NVC and there will be other documents required for submission (support, etc) the actual visa in hand won't happen for quiet some time (we're not in a rush anyway) Will the POE officer have some sort of information in the system that I-130 was approved, but no visa yet, etc? Or will he just look at what's in the passport and go with it? Just trying to understand where the fact of i-130 approval is listed. In theory, if we don't proceed with it (for whatever reasons), she should still continue travel on B2 visa, no?
  10. Couldn't find exact answer in search.. As title says, I-130 was just approved and sent to NVC. Still trying to figure out what happens, next, but the main question is: Can the parent still come for a few months (as every year in the past) on a valid B2 tourist visa? Or is that not advisable/possible? Thank you in advance and if you know of another topic covering steps after i-130 approval, please link here.
  11. https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do Is this the new or old?
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