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  1. Hi! So I read through the 2017 thread from when the electronic system first began and it looked like the turn around from submitting documents to case complete was really quick. A matter of days or couple weeks at most. But from the things I’ve read more recently it seems like they might have slowed down. We submitted our our documents 19.06.18 and then realised that the joint sponsor section had opened up so we re uploaded those documents 2 days ago. Any CEAC uploaders our there who have got to cc who can share their dates with us? It took what felt like a really long time for us to get our case number (12 weeks) and we were promised by NVC that this part of the process would be quicker. Thanks!
  2. Hi, CEAC uploader here for embassy in Sydney. I can’t seem to find a CEAC specific forum dated 2018 but I am assuming we are not the only ones. Just wondering how long everyone else waited between uploading documents to CEAC and case complete/transfer to embassy? Thanks! 😊
  3. Hi everyone, UK beneficiary and U.S petitioner living in Australia. i-130 sent to Chicago Lockbox on August 16th. NOA1 date August 21st. Our petition was sent to Nebraska. Excited to finally be moving forward with this process. Good luck to you all!