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  5. Curtis Chatman

    Getting you WeChat Logs from you iPhone

    They did look at the Chat Logs, just to show constant Communication.
  6. Congrats on your visa, if im not mistaken you tried for a k1 visa first then went for a CR1? im getting a k1 with my girlfriend and was just curious!

    1. Curtis Chatman

      Curtis Chatman

      Our K1 was Denied, So I went to China and we got Married and we started CR1 Process when I returned to the US.

      If you need any help let me know, I recommend the CR1, in the Long Run it's Cheaper and easier.


    2. Jakepearce


      Doesn’t the cr1 take up to 2 years? And I’ve already applied for my k1 visa so I’m waiting 

    3. Curtis Chatman

      Curtis Chatman

      We got married on July 17th 2017 in China, I started the CR1 Process in Sept 2017, My wife got approved on July 3rd 2018, received her Printed Visa on July 8th and arrived in the US on July 13th 2018. See it all in my Timeline.


  7. Curtis Chatman

    Getting you WeChat Logs from you iPhone

    Just wanted to post this to let anyone having an issue getting the WeChat Logs from their iPhone. I used a Program called iRefone, I was able to pull all my WeChat Logs to my PC and save them as a PDF without having to take and Print 100's of Screenshots. I hope this info will help anyone needed Chat Logs from China. Also it works with iMessage and WhatsApp also.
  8. Hello, I just read your recent Post and I'm sorry to hear the bad news.  Why do you think it was denied?

    I don't plan on submitting any Chat Logs and  showing our daily telephone records (Vonage) instead.

    What proof of relationship did you provide beyond WhatsApp? Hop much time did you spend in PRC?

    1. Curtis Chatman

      Curtis Chatman

      Never been to China, we always met when I was in Travel in Asia Philippine, Japan, Korea. But all is well now, I went to China in July, we got Married there and we are on track with our CR1.

      There were issues on the part of the Interviewer, I was told there is no reason we should have been Denied. But that's another story.