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  1. So yesterday I called to NVC and received my new case number. I’m beneficiary and they were ok with that. NOA2: Sep 18th NVC: Oct 4th By the way, the operator asked me if I want to add my email to the case even though I updated it through ask nvc form and even received response to it. But still they never added my email to the case which is weird. Just a heads up for those who are waiting for email update
  2. Wow we just got approved by snail mail. Today he is leaving me (I’m the beneficiary) and we received a pic of the mail by the informed delivery. So it’s really nice news for us noa 1: March 12 (old site) / March 16 (new site) noa 2: September 18
  3. Well, as of the moment we see that processing time has slowed down a bit again so it’s more like 180-220 days (according to VJ it’s 197 days in average). But after official 7 months pass you can make an inquire about being out of normal processing time. But anyway if petition is going to be approved in September-October you need to add about 2 months for nvc and embassy stages (this is an average, it depends on the embassy you gonna go through). You shouldn’t worry as there is nothing you can do at this moment as to wait. It’s going to be approved when it’s time for it. It can be faster, it can be longer, but you’ll get the answer eventually. And most likely it’s going to be approved after your baby is born. So you better relax and take care of yourself
  4. Uscis is only about to start processing January filers so there is not going to be any news for another two months at least. You can check other monthly threads here on VJ to see what dates uscis is processing at this point.
  5. Coffelacha

    Stamped Documents

    Most of the time Embassies don’t require translation of the documents if they are either in the official language of the country the embassy is located in or in English. So if the documents are in Arabic you don’t need to translate it as embassy representative told you. But if you have some criminal charges on police record with court decisions they usually have to be translated in English
  6. I’ve got notifications from case tracker about uscis system maintenance
  7. I've sent you my opinion on this topic in PM. But can please @Naes, @Greenbaum and some other gurus help as @Natalia_777 gets under Multiple Filer Waiver and I believe her RFE is for an additional information in order to approve request for the waiver. I'm still newbie here (even though I read a lot lol) and can't really help on this matter. Thanks
  8. it totally depends on the situation they are asking you about. It can be anybody as it's said in the letter but i believe it's better if such statement comes from somebody close to you such as family, friends etc. But i'm sure you can submit few affidavits from different people to have better chances.
  9. i'm just gonna translate it for you to Russian. Имеется в виду, что аффидавит необязательно должен исходить от гражданина США (то есть это может быть кто угодно из любой страны)
  10. No, you never know which one will actually show the update on your case. So you’ll have to check both as they are still in transition period and some adjudicators update only old one, some only new one and some both 🙄 uscis it is lol But I agree with you on people stressing too much over this process.. patience is a key 😜 nothing better than long distance relationship teach you that lol
  11. Actually it doesn’t tell you the same information as sometimes only old website updates and sometime only new one. Plus there are some cases in December that have an error on old website but work on the new one. And Sometimes even the same person can receive rfe update on both sites but after all approval only on one of them.
  12. it takes around a year now to receive a green card (sometimes faster, sometimes longer), but the average is 1 year...
  13. you actually need hardcopy of NOA2 for AOS, so you better call uscis and tell them that you never received it & they will resend it to you again.
  14. Damn @Sarac9 you are good lol @DK AND MK congratulations
  15. Damn, I didn't see that it's "No, beneficiary is my spouse OR I'm not multiple filer".. I only saw spouse part lol. So RFE it is now, I guess..