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  1. I am praying for you. My cousin PD is April 06 for the Nebraska's Service Center. Hopefully, we hear from them soon for NO2.
  2. My cousin PD is April 6th. We won't get our NO2 until December. Just praying in the meanwhile that it goes faster.
  3. My cousin filed I-130 for his wife in Vietnam. Priority date is April 6, 2017. Nebraska service center. Any update on where the NSC are processing up until now?
  4. That is way too long. I have no idea how this works anymore. I thought the Nebraska has gotten to I-130s for January of 2017.
  5. My cousin PD is April 6th for his wife I-130, 2017 and you still have not received your NO2 from Nebraska Service Center. I guess he will have to wait at least 6 more months before he gets his NO2.