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  1. To add on to the previous comment, my wife is Russian, but prior to her arrival to the United States had been living in Germany. At the time of all of the applications, her Russian passport had expired so we were filling out Germany for current citizenship, and Russia for place of birth.
  2. Sure. I guess we fit one of the red flags: we eloped and didn't tell anyone about it and got married in Vegas. But in the original interview that was ironed out, plus we had a ton of wedding pictures because my parents threw us a reception type party a few months after the fact. Her original visa was a J-1 visa as an au pair. We did not use a lawyer, and frankly I was fed up with all the proving our marriage was legit that on this past application I didn't put too much effort into "proof" because I figured if they wanted to interview us, so be it. However, her first green card was approved at CSC because we recently moved cross country from San Diego. As for me, I'm no Boy Scout either, I had a few "youthful indiscretions" in my college days that still show up on my background check. So that makes me think they might look at other circumstances or the larger picture, like maybe if someone has a lot of debt or something random like that. Not sure. Hope this info helps
  3. Negative. Wife filed 9/14/16 approved on 8/18/17, we live in Manhattan
  4. Filed 9/14/2016. So yeah if someone could update the table to show me as approved for 8/18/2017, that would be much appreciated
  5. Hi guys, I haven't posted a lot here but I'm on the table. VSC is cranking them out- my wife just received the I-751 approval in the mail! Date of decision 8-18-2017 (is that the NOA date for this?). Super stoked, we're gonna be going out for a nice dinner tonight! Cheers everyone, good luck to the remaining people!