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  1. @Sweet V, thanks for sharing I thought I was the only one struggling with the transition. I relocated from my country with a bachelor in education, a literacy specialist and years of experience and im stilI struggling to find a job in my field. Having gotten numerous promises from persons in the field ( oh how selfish and self centered we can be ) I was encouraged by many that teachers are in demand in New York, but the process of getting your qualifications accredited here is like starting over. I'm working on doing so and in the process I did a course in a field I have no interest in; but had to just to earn. I'm so grateful for my family for holding me down.... I began doing a little networking with a few persons who have migrated as well and struggling. We share info regarding work, school etc. To my vj family please plan ahead and have a goal in mind prior to your arrival. All the best going forward.
  2. @Jarin12345, I was but after calling my lawyer he reassured me about the wait process. In the meantime you can work on getting your I'D. All the best
  3. @Jarin12345 I live in Manhattan as well. I arrived in the 20th of Janauary. Got my SS in two weeks but my green card arrived the ending of March. Hang on it will soon arrive