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  1. So my fiance and I have spent the good part of 8 months glued to this website, it's been so helpful. Luckily, we find ourselves nearing the end of the K1 process, with only his embassy interview imminent. I feel like I've read every single topic/advice for the i-134 forms, yet I'm still met with a couple questions. A bit of background: my fiance is from the UK and he makes an average amount of money from his full-time stable employment. He also has a large amount of money in savings that has gone untouched in his account for over a year (a lump sum that he received from the sale of his family's home). I make under the poverty threshold and I plan to submit my mother as a co-sponsor when he heads to his interview. Chris has both of our i-134 now with our wet signatures, I'm sending him scans of my mom's 3 years of tax receipts tonight along with her birth certificate to prove she is also a US citizen. He will be living with my mom and I in my family home until we are ready to move out (we live in Silicon Valley so this may take a little while). My last year's taxes show I had an income but not the 100-125% over the threshold, so should I even send those to him? Will they even be looked at? My mom makes more than enough to be the co-sponsor. However there's another problem that comes from that. My mom is hesitant for anyone to have access to her SSN. Does anyone have some advice for what to tell her to soothe her worries? She's a worrier to the highest degree. And if there is any other papers of support that I or my mom should scan and send to Chris, any advice and suggestions are welcome! Thank you so much in advance!!