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  1. It is completely normal....Once you've an interview date then only the status changes to In-transit..Good luck and I pray you get the IL soon...
  2. Thank You :)....I hope all goes well..I am going back home to visit him and will be there at the time of interview...
  3. prastha

    2015 Filers

    VB is out for June.......... https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-and-policy/bulletin/2017/visa-bulletin-for-june-2017.html
  4. Visa Bullentin for June is out... https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-and-policy/bulletin/2017/visa-bulletin-for-june-2017.html
  5. AnnaMBoros Thank You for getting back to me. I am the petitioner and I do not have to be present at the time of interview. Due to 2 years of waiting, I booked the ticket to Nepal. My real concern is if I should be here in US during my husband's interview? Or can I be in Nepal
  6. Try calling them after 8 PM, I usually call at that time and the wait is like half an hour. Can I know in which country is the applicant located at?
  7. Did you complete all the required process of NVC?? Only NVC can provide you details on why you haven't received an IL yet
  8. VB will be released by the end of this week or on May 15......You can keep calling NVC, I know it is hard but we do not have any other option...
  9. I called yesterday and got the news on the phone.. Email will be received next week
  10. I got my IL ...PD 12 aug 2015 and I received interview for June 1 ...Thank You God..Finally it is moving
  11. I got my IL ...PD 12 aug 2015 and I received interview for June 1 ...Thank You God
  12. prastha

    2015 Filers

    Thank You guys....All of you have been so helpful...I am not losing hope but it gets into your nerve easily, I am praying...
  13. prastha

    2015 Filers

    You fall in F2A category right??? I am getting the same answer for past 3 days that my case is not eligible to receive a visa yet. I don't know what to expect now.