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  1. Do NVC wait for priority date to be current before scheduling the interview? My PD is March 29,2017 and as with latest Visa Bulletin , PD is March 01 for the month April. I got my case completed at NVC too and waiting on to receive interview confirmation.
  2. I know this has been asked million times on this forum but I just wanted to ask to any fellow Nepalese filers who went through NVC process and if you guys side loaded the documents(evidence of relationship) at NVC stage . I am in the process of collecting my financial and civil documents and sending it to NVC soon. I didn't include enough evidence when filing i130 but got approved. I have collected enough evidence between filing i130 and getting approval and would be happy to include them if it really helps. I have seen fellow VJ.s members mentioning to side load if your embassy is a tough one but as per Nepal I don't think its there yet. Any feedback from any fellow Nepalese VJ,s members would really be appreciated.
  3. This is what I did and entire process took less than 2 month from filing to receiving refund. 1.Get your spouse passport certified(Not Notarized). The passport issuing agency back in your country should be able to do that. In my case Ministry of foreign affair office did it. I am not sure if USA embassy will do that but you can inquiry with them. 2. Get the certified copy mailed in to the USA. 3. Find an IRS Acceptance agent local to your place. I used H&R Block. 4. Make an appointment with the agent. Make sure you mention you want to file your spouse ITIN(Individual Tax Identification Number) along with your tax return. 5. The agent will prepare form w7 for your spouse ITIN and file your tax at the same time. The agent will verify your certified copy of passport and send it along with the form to IRS. 6. SInce your spouse won't have ITIN/SSN, the form needs to mailed and can't be e-filed. 7. You will need signature of your spouse on both w7 and tax form. 8. You can mail them the forms to have it signed and send back to you again. Once you get the signed forms back just mail the entire package as mentioned by your tax agent. 9. IRS will receive your both forms and start the process. 10. They will issue ITIN for your spouse and apply that ITIN to your tax form and send for further processing. This will let you do both at a time and will not require to send the original passport. You can also just process w7 and wait to receive the ITIN and then file taxes but for me doing both at a time worked out well. I paid less than $100 to h&r block to do my taxes and w7.
  4. yogik_yo

    Joint tax-ITIN number

    Get certified copy of your passport and send it. IRS doesn’t accept notarized copies. Usually you can get the certified copies from ministry of foreign affairs or similar government agency in your country. I submitted certified copy of my wife passport and was able to get ITIN for her in 6 weeks. Again, research on getting certified and not notarized or attested. Usually you can stop by agency who issued your passport and ask about it.
  5. Background: We both are originally from Nepal and I am currently permanent resident in USA. My wife is still in Nepal. I have applied i130 for her and is in process since march 2017 at California center. We have been in relationship since 2012 and officially married in 2017. We married under Hindu Marriage Act in India instead of Nepal and got our marriage certificate issued by Indian government. We submitted the same on our i130 application. Will the consular raise any issue about that as to why did I not go Nepal and married there instead of India? Will that be a red flag? The marriage was carried under Hindu act with witnessed signing the marriage certificate. We also had our parents and relatives. Pictures of wedding submitted. I would appreciate if anyone with similar situation could share their experience. Thank you...
  6. I submitted certified passport copy of applicant which was verified by H&R block agent who is authorized IRS agent for ITIN.
  7. I filed ITIN for my spouse who is still abroad and has i 130 in process for F2A. I filed on March 10 and I know its little early to expect ITIN with the way IRS process application. However, if i dont receive my ITIN or if my tax return is not processed by April 15, do I need to file extension? I submitted my return with ITIN application on March 10. Another related question regard ITIN: I did my ITIN process through H&R Block and they just asked me to send W7 which I mailed along with my tax return. Later I was just browsing and came to find that you also need to submit a letter to IRS saying that you are considering yourself as a resident for tax purpose only. The agent at H&R block didn't mention anything about it when submitting my application. Will that create any problem? Has anyone got their ITIN without sending the letter ? BTW i also send certified Passport copy with W7. Last question : The application packet was delivered to Austin Tx -73301 although I had the zip code on my envelope as 78714. Is it normal or did USPS mess it up ? I cant even call IRS and confirm as they say we can't call until 8 weeks i guess. Thank you in advance and hoping to get some feedback.
  8. Looks like the information chart for California Service Center is missing processing time for Permanent resident filling for a spouse or child under 21 I have my application pending at CSC(WAC) and was checking the processing time when I realized that it no longer list that particular category. Does that mean CSC don't process i130 filed by permanent resident for their spouse and my application might have been transferred to different service center ? I haven't received any notification for my case being transferred yet. Thank you....