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  1. Thanks for the response. That’s relieving. Hope that’s the case with mine application as well. Really appreciate your response.
  2. My USCIS case completion time went back to 6 months today. It used to say” we are taking longer than expected until yesterday “. It’s already been over a year now and was hoping I would be scheduled for interview soon. I already have my biometrics done before the pandemic. My local field office is Sacramento CA. My question is : Did anyone else experience this with their application where case completion time went back to 6 month from “we are taking longer ....? did you actually had to wait further 6 month for the interview to be scheduled ? hope someone can share their experience
  3. My wife had her interview on May 20 for her f21 visa at US Embassy in Nepal and she was approved at the interview and was given a white approval card which says approved and instruction to collect passport. The status on ceac shows Aministrative processing since then and after looking up on VJ, it sounds like normal after interview. Now when I log in into ceac on page where we uploaded all our AOS documents and civil documents, the AOS section shows INCOMPLETE and has 864EZ line item as missing. I already submitted the regular 864 during the NVC process and everything showed completed until after interview. They din't ask for any further documents at the interview or even after interview. They didn't keep any documents at the interview as well beside Medical and kept passport. All the copies of original documents, 864, tax documents and even the passport photo was returned back after interview. I was in impression that they keep copies of civil documents and the tax documents but they didn't and i am kinda confused. May be they just use the scanned copies that we uploaded during NVC?? Is it normal or did embassy mess up something ? May be that can bring impact on the admin processing ? Can anyone who recently got approved verify for me if they have similar situation ?
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