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  1. She is 16. From what I have found, for an international flight, she would need a notarized letter of consent from me to travel alone. I wasn't sure if there was anything else we should be aware of. Thank you.
  2. Not sure if I'm in the right place but hopefully someone knows something. My daughter was born in Canada, we moved to the US and became citizens. She wants to move back to Canada. If she is under the age of 18, is she considered an unaccompanied minor? That term seems to vary on definition depending on airline carrier. I am aware of what documents she might need. But does she use her Canadian or US passport? What else do I need to know?
  3. Thank you! I was told their green cards won't be returned but that's fine. It makes sense to give those up since we don't need them anymore. I was more worried about after they turn 18.
  4. After getting my naturalization certificate, I got my American passport. I decided to get my children's passports instead of N600 for them. The passport office is asking for my children's green cards to be surrendered for their American passports. Has anyone else who has applied for their kid's passports, submitted their green cards? Does anyone with children who have aged past 18 years old without an N600, have any problems with proving their citzenship?
  5. My naturalization oath ceremony is tomorrow. I have gone over the letter sent to me a million times (slight exaggeration) but now I'm questioning a mistake I might have made. On the back of the letter is a questionnaire to be completed. There seems to be some mixed instructions whether this needs to completed before arriving at the location or completed at the location. Being nervous and not wanting to be unprepared, I completed it and signed it. Should I have left it blank? Will they just have me fill in another questionnaire to be signed in front of a witness?
  6. Yes, they are. Thank you, this was very useful information. I have always traveled with all my court papers regarding custody of my kids. So that sounds like the path I'll be using to get their US passports too. Thank you again.
  7. I passed my naturalization interview, and already have an appointment for the oath ceremony. I understand my Candian born children will get their US citizenship through me. I know I can apply for our US passports afterward. I was just told today (by a friend who works for the post office/passport office) that I would need a notarized letter from their biological father to give permission for them to get one. I have full custody of the kids, I did not need his permission to get their Canadian passports. Are the rules different for US passports for minors? What if I can't get a notarized letter because I don't have any contact with him?
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