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  1. Thank you! At this point his plan would be to stay in Canada. Most foreign graduates of that program remain in Canada as permanent residents. His girlfriend (currently working as an au pair in Denmark) is a nutritionist and is also interested in Canadian opportunities. Canada is seriously seeking immigrants, and unlike the U.S. they are not focused on people who will have $60K+ salaries. Of the 3 children still in PH, this one dropped out of college and has no other clear path out of PH except to wait another 8+ years for his priority date to come up. The other two will be much better positioned -- daughter already has her degree & first teaching job & is starting grad school (SPED, ESL). Other brother (English major, trying to get him to focus on ESL) is a year behind her. There are serious shortages of both SPED & ESL teachers in the U.S. "Caregiver" isn't always the minimum wage job some think it is. My wife has been working as a caregiver in a nursing home for 3+ years, earns $15.40 / hour with full benefits and lots of overtime. But other than becoming a CNA & a lead caregiver (she's already both) there's no further career path.
  2. Does anyone actually have suggestions in answer to my question?
  3. Our son in the Philippines (Philippine citizen, never been out of PH) plans to attend Algonquin College's 8 month "personal support worker" (caregiver) course starting next January in Ottawa. One of the requirements listed by Canadian immigration for students is: bring proof that you have enough money to support yourself He has virtually nothing himself. Funding will come from: Room & board will be provided by wife's cousin already living in Ottawa Wife & I are accumulating enough for his tuition (approx. US $6200) in her savings account His younger brother (in Minneapolis with us) will buy his plane ticket I had to charge his application fee on my Visa card He will need a laptop at school, which I will probably purchase/ship via Amazon I will cover any quarantine hotel costs, either with Hilton points or by credit card What's the best way to document his funding when he has next to nothing in his pocket or bank account? He'll be very disappointed if this doesn't work out. He would have been with us here already, except that he "aged out" in March, 2017, when my wife was diverted to two months of TB testing.
  4. Your name was added to your husband,s Chase account. Was it a checking account? If so just write a check. Checks are processed electronically these days and the image will be back in your account 2-3 days after it is cashed. You should also be able to get a statement showing your (and his) name on the account and your address. Get a renter's policy at his parents address. Surely you husband has an ID? Bring your marriage certificate along. Sign a lease with his parents. Does your husband have a cell phone? They'd probably add your name to the account. Also, a 2nd phone on an existing account is often the cheapest way to get a cell phone here. Maybe his parents would add your name to an account or two? I'm collecting evidence for our Removal of Conditions proof, so earlier today I emailed our fiber internet vendor and asked them to add her name and mail me a statement; they sent back a nice PDF file of a statement showing both names. Regarding SSN's, they can't be required for benefits. I had my fiance's name as my insurance beneficiary months before she arrived in the U.S. They arrived here July 26, 2017. We were married the next day, and I immediately emailed the benefits change form (no SSN's) so their health/dental/life/disability coverage started Aug. 1. She (K-1) got her SSN a few days later; the kids had to wait about three months for the employment authorizations to arrive. I kept HR informed as we received the SSN's.
  5. Never mind, I found the text on the web site of the House Sponsor. I will rewrite the base post accordingly.
  6. Has anyone seen any actual details (leaked text?) of H.R. 1177 / S. 348 ("A bill to provide an earned path to citizenship, to address the root causes of migration and responsibly manage the southern border, and to reform the immigrant visa system, and for other purposes")? Several weeks after the bills were filed, the actual text still is not available on congress.gov. The sponsors are piling on (especially in the House), which is a good sign, but the specifics remain a mystery. The overview last fall on Biden's campaign site was very promising, but I'd like to see the actual text of the bill. We're especially interested in the "family reunification" provisions that would allow relatives to come to the U.S. and wait until their priority dates come up and Green Cards are available. Also of interest is the proposal to eliminate the % cap that limits the number of green cards available to certain countries, with Mexico & the Philippines being most restricted. My ever-optimistic wife still has 3 adult children in the Philippines and thinks will should be able to have them (+ spouses + significant others + grandchildren) all here in a month. I keep telling her it will take a MINIMUM of 2-3 years for the legislative process / rule-making process / actual petitions & approvals to happen, but first we need to know the (still only proposed) details.
  7. One very nice thing about the U.S. is that there is no exit processing. If you want to leave, you are free to go.
  8. Congrats! JFK seems to be a good choice. My Filipina K-1 & 2 of her children came thru JFK 3.5 years ago. It took about 45 minutes to process all 3 people, but it went smoothly.
  9. Has it been stated & documented by USCIS that "virtual marriage ... won't jeopardize your case"?
  10. Succinctly put! The clock doesn't start ticking until the embassy can do the interview; then you need to follow through in a timely manner. Until then it's to your advantage to get as close to the beginning of the queue as possible. My friend married a Thai wife and they filed their CR-1 over a year ago As the file was en route from NVC to the embassy in Bangkok around Feb/Mar, everything shut down due to coronavirus. After a 7-8 month hiatus, she finally got her interview & visa last week. Now they just have to figure out how to get her to the U.S. Get in line. It will only take longer if you don't.
  11. He stated she's here on a tourist visa, K-1 is still pending back in Thailand. so nothing has been invalidated. My recommendation is to get married ASAP and then explore your options to keep her here.
  12. Drive to Nevada, on-the-fly marriages are an industry there. If you marry her while she is still here legally (tourist visa still valid), can you immediately file the I-485 (adjustment of status) to keep her here? The embassy in Bangkok has resumed doing interviews for spouses (friend's wife just had hers), but in the present coronavirus situation, nothing is certain.
  13. I'd wait if you can. It's just one more form to fill out, 2 more fees (I-751 & biometrics), more (sometimes a year+) waiting, and and yet another interview.
  14. Don't count on getting through the medical & interview in 3-4 days. You can schedule them back to back and hope it works out, but large numbers of applicants are being diverted to 2 months of TB testing before their medicals can be completed. In our case they sent my fiance to the TB testing and requested a report from a shrink on one of her kids, which they would not do until her TB testing was completed. The medical approvals took 10 weeks, and they managed to complete the embassy interview (along with the medicals) on their 2nd trip to Manila. It then took another 5 weeks for her to get the passports back with the visas in them (partly because the embassy "forget" about them -- it took phone call to remind them they they had everything they had requested) Plan on 2 trips to Manila for your fiance (you're really optional, but it's 2 more meetings you can document for the interview ) and a 3rd trip to bring her to the U.S. My experiences with hotels in the embassy/St. Lukes area: First trip (just to teach them how to travel in case I couldn't make the later trips): Cherry Blossoms Hotel, very cheap, located close (2 blocks) to Robinsons Place mall, bedbug central!!! You get what you pay for. They also charged my fiance extra for milk with her breakfast. Second trip: Lotus Garden Hotel, very close to St. Lukes, easy walk to the embassy, physically an OK hotel, but run by shysters. We had two rooms, one for myself & my fiance while I was there, and one for my fiance & her kids. Before I left, I paid for & received a receipt for the minibar charges for both rooms. When she left a day later, they made her pay for her minibar charges a second time and would not respond to my inquiries. I did successfully contest the double charges with AMEX. Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila: Closer to the embassy than the other 2, somewhat more expensive, but no issues This hotel will be my first choice if I ever return to Manila. Be forewarned that cab drivers in the Manila metro are mostly crooks. DO NOT get in cabs in Manila unless the drivers agree to run & start their meters. You might have to flag 3-5 cabs before you get an honest driver. I ended up tipping the Manila cabbies P100 for being honest & running their meters. It's so different from Cebu where that's never been an issue for us.
  15. Not even that, schools can't require that you have one. Similarly you can't be required to have SSN's to add your new dependents to your benefits (health, etc.). K-1 spouses can get one immediately, but derived beneficiaries (the kids) have to wait until their employment authorizations arrive. If you need one sooner to file your tax returns, you can append applications for temporary taxpayer ID's to your income tax filings.
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