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  1. When I call I hit 1*346 and then ask to be transfered to a tier 2 immigration officer. Then they usually set up a call back.
  2. I ask them to change the expiration date since it was over 2 months late and they didn't 😡
  3. Our Card arrived today! Praise God How is your process going?
  4. I'm not sure if an immigration officer did this for me over the phone but I just filled it out myself just in case. Thanks so much!
  5. Seriously? How would I go about doing that?
  6. I called today and they told me to call back in 30 days (remember that we were approved for ead on April 22 and still haven't received it!) I was furious so I call again to speak to someone else. They said they could see the card has not been made yet so they would send a request to change the expiration date and find out why it hasn't been sent yet. Translation we are still waiting. I've lost all patience. If anyone has advice or helpful words it's appreciated.
  7. We have done that before actually lol. My wife was in class and couldn't speak at the time but thanks for the tip. Any help and advice is appreciated. This processis so stressful
  8. I tried to call and they said they would call back in "240 minutes" Of course when they called back my wife was not with me so we couldn't do anything. We're calling back tomorrow.
  9. Our card was approved on April 15th and still no cards. I feel your pain 😡😭
  10. My wife got an approval letter for her EAD and travel permit on April 15th. The letter said we will receive the actual card at a later date. It's June 12th and we still don't have the card. Our case status online still just says case received. Called them today and they said I'll get a call back in "240 minutes" 😡 Anyone got any advice or going through a similar situation?