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  1. I’m a little anxious seeing all those rejection. Why cases are getting rejected? what about that new I-485 form? I didn’t know nothing about it I sent my package on Feb 21 Lockbox received on Feb 23 Receive Texts on March 3 Biometrics Letter on March 12 (I have to go on March 23) Do I have to worried about something?
  2. Yujuuuuu!! We have the same timeline, I received my texts on Tuesday. Hope everything goes well to us all Let’s wait for Bio appointment now hahaha
  3. I have the same timeline, surprising I received my text message right now!! I’m super excited... Hope y’all receive your text this week❤️
  4. We send our package on Friday, it arrived on Sunday morning. I filled form I-485, I-765, I-131 and form I-864 my adjustment is from k1 visa. So, let’s the USCIS hunger games start lol
  5. Help please!! I’m sending my AOS from k1 visa tomorrow. How I should send the payment? Can be a money order on the amount of 1225? Or just a personal check!
  6. Please can anyone share the most recent checklist for AOS from a K1 visa, if needed proof of Bona Fide marriage, what should I provide to them? and how to write the check and address to send the package, I will appreciate it ❤️
  7. My interview is around the corner. I am a Dominican Republic filler.. What papers my fiancé must bring along with him? And what papers I will need?
  8. Hi again. My interview is on Oct 1st. I’m pretty nervous already! My my fiancé is coming for the interview I really don’t know what’s better if doing the interview alone or together. I’m really confuse about that and what he needs to bring along with?? Do he needs anything? What papers we have to bring to the embassy? I’m from Dominican Republic
  9. My interview date is just around the corner. I’m pretty nervous!! 😣 I’ve been in a long relation (almost 6 years) and I’m worried of getting a denial. I heard here in Dominican Republic sometimes consulate officials can be difficult
  10. What type of REF they ask u? Based on my experience they asked me on April 20th, I reply like 3 weeks later, they confirmed on May 23th and we got NOA2 on June 13th basically 45 days
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