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  1. I was thinking regular electronic applications might be an issue for some of the boxes you mentioned, so I'm sticking to the ads one can reply by email. I am leaving in a week so I'm not "too" ahead. Thank you both for your clear answers!
  2. Hi, I know that the cr-1/ir-1 visa allows us to work right away once we are in the USA and have our passport stamped, and I know we'll have to wait for our SSN to be able to get paid, but I am wondering if it is legal to look for a job and apply BEFORE entering the US. I have the visa in hands but not the stamp yet, so I'm wondering if it's okay, or if it's a grey area or a big no no? Thank you for your help!
  3. Please , why so long at NVC ?

    1. __Siri


      No reason, that was the regular timeline at that moment :-(